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The area between the scrotum see "nutsack" and the asshole that prevents one from shitting on his nuts.
That bitch clapped me out and now my durf is on fire
by Jesus January 17, 2003
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To dry hump in the valley of Provo Utah. Often what Mormons do to refrain from doin' it but while still kinda doin' it.
Dude, we durfed!
Did ya durf?
by Auggiesim December 08, 2014
Noun: a name for the hair that grows on the taint (see also; taint or gooch)

see also "taint knot"
Your gooch looks nasty, bro. You need to trim the durf.
by cock bomb January 06, 2009
A homosexual who is afraid of being identified as gay, who goes out of their way to appear straight.
Steve - "Hey guys let's go to Hooters after the ball game"

Dave - "Why? So you can check out our boners you big durf!"
by Knuckleberry Finn November 20, 2015
The state of being hungover even if you are not. Aka Netflix in bed
I am so durfed right now.
by Durf January 12, 2015
A state of mind and body that is incepted after a long night of partying in which causes you to lose all grasp on reality and procastinate to your maximum capability. Common side affects are: Hands in pants for extended amount of time, continous gas release, temptation to consumption of "couch pizza", refusal of changing your pants you pissed in hours ago, allergies to any light source, smelling like a foot, upsett stomach, and Diarrhea.
I'm durfin hard dude.

I'm in a strange state of durf.
hey man! whats ya doin?...Durfin
by Robert Durfnero February 07, 2011
An acronym for Dump, Unfriend, Remove, and Forget. Often used to express feelings about someone else's companion, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.
You sooo need to durf him.
by durfcreator?? July 09, 2011
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