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A name for sexy boys who often use guitars. Often confused with Colon, the body part. Common to be very popular with girls; potentially due to large penis oh yeah..
Wow, there is that guy Colin, he is so sexy while playing the guitar naked.
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
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If you ask me, Colin is a British English name.
Colm is the Irish equivilant.
Colin does mean Victor or Victorious as mentioned.
Id also have to agree that Colin is a man who falls deeply in love with a woman.
He's really cool too and usually a sharp character, doesnt particularly like Colm though.
Colin gets irritated when people get his name wrong, e.g. Connor, Colm, Colon, Cailin, Conan.
Big it up for the Colin!
by Colin from ireland April 20, 2006
a guy i think is cute, funny, sweet (im gonna stop here before it gets gay and mushy), about as white as white gets and even though he was a virgin, he was better in bed than most people
some random chic: OMG your dating Colin?
Colin's girlfriend: Ya.....
some random chic: your so lucky... i wish i could sleep with him...
by Trina =P August 30, 2008
The sexiest someone can get, this person is really, genuinly nice and great in bed. Woman in parts of Southern America use Colin as a way of saying that they're boyfriend is very good in bed, sexually.
'Girl, my boy is a Colin!'

'Is he good in bed?' 'Oh, he's a Colin'
by mostlyunknown September 08, 2008
A man who has the strength to face his darkest hours yet not crumble to them. One who never will give up. As in greek "victor" but more so.
A musician in heart, with the ability to pull his own passions and power together and give that gift to the world.
Some of the most influential people in the world are named Colin. Not because they force there influence on others ... but the lead with integrity, they offer there gift to the world and others who accept it understand the power and strength of of these people.
by I knew one of these Colin's August 31, 2008
Usually a sexy boy who is good with the girls and has an abnormally large dick. Every girl loves him and thinks he is funny. Mostly they have brown hair and brown eyes. Fun to be around and is amazing in bed with girls. Barely any Colins are gay. Mostly tall thin and athletic.
(Girl1) Colin is so hot and athletic!
(Girl2) I know I want him to ask me out.
by sexyboy1217 July 22, 2009
usually an irish/asian guy who hides his true feelings. His love for someone is very complex. He may love a certain person, but another close person even more without showing any emotion towards that person.
colin has always wanted to be with Teresea, but secretely with Gessie.
by Sarah December 13, 2004

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