8-14 year old's. Generally female. Trying desprately to be a teenager but still a child. Spends on average 1-2 billion dollars a year. A product of celebrity influences. Support celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Lindsey Lohan and Delta Goodrem.
Nearly all females in the tween age group. Use slang such as 'lyk' instead of 'like' 'h8' instead of 'hate', ect.
by tim March 29, 2005
8-13-year old's who are usually girls who try desprately to be a teenager but are still children. A product of celebrity influences. To qualify as a tween you must follow the four W's:

Watch the Disney Channel religiously.
Wear: as much makeup as your mother will allow you to and cake it on sloppily to try to look like you're a teenager; stuffed training bras.
Worship celebrities like Jesse Mcartney, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, etc.
Worry that people will think you're NOT a teenager because as we all know the number one rule of tweendom is to ALWAYS try desperately to act like a teenager even though you're ages 8-13.
"I'm such a tween! I watch Hannah Montana! That makes me cool!"

"OMG, my mom JUST gave me permission to wear eyeshadow!!! Wanna go buy some lipgloss and eyeshadow, since that's the only makeup I'm allowed to wear?"

"OMG I soooo totally LUVED Hannah Montana's outfit on last week's episode! I just wish my mom would let me wear halter tops!! STUPID BOOBS! WHY WON'T THEY GROW?! MUST GO STUFF TRAINING BRA WITH TOILET PAPER!!!"

"OHHHH, JESSE MCNARTNEY IS SO HOT! He should sooo totally date Hannah Montana!"

"OMG, I so totally ran out of eyeshadow!!! Do you think that if I don't wear any this weekend people will actually realize I'm eleven, not thirteen?! OHMYGOSH, must go buy more!! GASP! IS THAT A ZIT?! YAYYY--oops. I mean, ummm, NOOOO! NOW CALEB WON'T ASK ME TO THE CLASS CHRISTMAS PARTY!!"
by smartass_101 August 15, 2009
An age set overlapping preteens, 'tween 8 and 14. A tween desperately wants to be a teen, but isn't about to stop being a kid. May flirt one minute, but be embarrassed about it the next; usually prefers titillation by proxy.
When I was in 4th grade, several of us would gang up on a boy and girl and make them kiss each other for our titillation.

I was standing in line behind another teen, and the 10 year olds she was baby-sitting kept pushing her against men behind her to to get titillation by proxy. I made sure to stand behind her a lot that day.

Google "CSM Models" for an eye full of tweens getting titillation by proxy, flirting with the camera instead of a person.
by FridgeRaider December 14, 2004
A made-up age group, ranging from about 8 to early teens, used by parents to justify why they are allowing their prepubescent daughters to dress and behave like sluts.
*: "Why is your nine-year-old wearing a midriff top, low-rise jeans, and eight pounds of eyeshadow and lipstick?"
Girl's mother: (taking a long drink of boxed wine and shrugging) "Why not? She's a tween!"
*: "She also has a tramp stamp."
Girl's mother: "I believe I just said she was a tween."
*: "I think she's sexting a college student."
Girl's mother: "TWEEN!"
by Jett April 16, 2010
The name of a certain age group, usually between the ages of 9-14. "Tween" is another word for "Pre-teen", and is a modern word used commonly these days. Tweens are the age group in between 'children' and 'teenagers'.

Negative definition:
Depending on the maturity, tweens are usually 9-14 years of age. It is the hardest stage of life. These days, tweens try to fit in with the crowd, and keep up with things such as clothes and electronics, dramatically. They try to act mature, even though what they are doing is not mature at all. People in this age group who actually act like themselves are the cool ones, and shouldn't be known as a tween, but instead a pre-teen.

1. Watch Disney Channel;
2. Like retarded famous people, such as: Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, etc;
3. Buy their clothes from Supre, and buy their jewellery from Diva;
4. Play netball, basketball, or in some countries: cheerleading;
5. Have iPods and all of the up-to-date songs (no matter how much the songs don't suit the person);
6. (Australian tweens) have slight American accents;
7. Go on MSN instead of Facebook;
8. Must talk to friends on MSN instead of ringing them up.
1. Jodi: I hate my little sister Jordana. I was in the middle of watching Family Guy, then I left the room to get myself more salad when the commercials started. Then she entered the house with 3 of her bitchy friends. When I got back to the lounge room they had changed it to Disney Channel and were watching the retarded show Sonny With A Chance. She just has to watch it 24/7.
Rockford: What a tween she is.

2. Tweens on MSN:
Tiff: hEy OlIvIa!@!@!!11
Olivia: OMG HeY tIfF i HaVeNt HeArD fRoM u In LiKe DaYs!!@
Tiff: YeH!!! wE sHoUlD rLlY cAtCh Up!!!#!@!%@
Olivia: YyYyYeEeEeHhHhHh!!!!!!@@!!@!!1!!!1
Tiff: LiKe LeTs Go 2 ThE mOoOoViEs 2 C cAmP RoCk!!!!!@!
Tiff: k ThAtS lIkE sOoOoOoO tOtAlLy AwSoMe!! CyA tHeRe!!! AnD bY dA wAy CaN uR nIcKnAmE bE pIv InStEaD oF lIv!?????!!??
Olivia: yeehhhh Gr8 IdEa!!1 I lIkE dA sOuNd Of DaT nAmE!!!! iT sOuNdS lIkE pErV!!!!
Tiff: I kNoW rIte!?
Olivia: K....i WiLl CyA aT dA mOvIeS!!
Tiff: biiiii biiii PiV!!
Olivia: CyA l8Er TiFf!!!!!!!!!
Tiff: MwAaAaA.......xoxoxoxoxo
Olivia: xoxoxoxoxx
Tiff: HaHaAaahaaha!!
Olivia: hAHa lol!
Tiff: oK cYa @ CaMp RoCk MoViE!
Olivia: k ByEeEEeEe xoxoxooxoxooxoxoxoxoxxooxxpxxo
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 09, 2009
One of the stpuidest words ever made up to describe a person aged 10-13. Another word for the space between the anus and genitals, you would rather want to be walking around labeled as a "Pube." Another word for tween is tweenager.

Wow, that's pretty damn clever.
by Skin-Nerd January 09, 2006
Anyone "'tween" the age of eight and fifteen whom:
1. Watches Disney Channel constantly
2. MUST keep up with latest trends
3. Is/likes Miley Cyrus
4. Likes the Jonas Brothers (hint hint)
5. Constantly listens to pop
6. Drinks Red Bull because the Jonas Brothers are doing so.
Tween1: OMGzH4xz!!!11! did you get the new Jonas Brothers CD?!?!
Tween2: Totally, I got some Red Bull too!!
Both: OMGGZ IT'S JUSTIN GASTON!!!11!!!oneoneoene11@!!
by Anonymous163 December 28, 2008

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