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The period of life before puberty, marked by increased growth. Associated with purity, innocence, and simplicity of life.
Rachelle: "According to Mary Phipher's "Reviving Ophelia", young girls who are prepubescent are experiencing their purest sense of self before adulthood."
by Nancy Chandler January 06, 2007
(Adj.) An individual of approximately 14 years of age, that acts as if he/she were, in fact, 8. Can be extremely annoying.
Alpha Nerd: I AM KING DORK!!!!!!!
Beta Nerd: OMG you're such a pre-pubescent.
by MaD December 09, 2004
pri pjʊˈbɛs(ə)nt
1. Relating to the time preceding puberty.

1. A person who has yet to go through puberty.

2. The fancy term for a person with the fear of masturbation.
Remember that you can't buy Rachael a dildo yet; she's prepubescent.
by Dracozara February 20, 2015
When someone has a very naive mind and lives in a dream world where everything is fine
you are such a prepubescent!
by ilovetwinkies July 27, 2005
a person who believes an anagram of Bin Laden is funny
Hi.My name is LinBaden.
by Lin Baden March 21, 2005
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