a person(s) within the age of 10-12
uses acronyms in texts, and totally freaks out over stupid stuff. does NOT exclusively listen to pop. tends to find themselves stressing over trying to find who the are.
Jane: You are such a kid Giena!!!You don't even want to go to get pizza without wanting to play the arcade games!!!!!!!

Giena: You are the same way! Hello! We are both 11 and we are NOT absolutely NOT kids, we are tweens.

tex messaging

Jen: K, so u will totlly come ovr!!!!!!!

Dina: Y not!! ur soo gr8!!! ill tell my mom, ill leve 2morrow @ 11!!!! see u!!!!!!! bye bye!

Jen: gr8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye bye!! :(

Lane: I RAN OUT OF FOUNDATION AND MASCARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG "OMG )MGOMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Tina: OMG i'm coming r8 NOW!!!!1
by bananananananananawaffle December 31, 2011
its the most akward period anybody has ever gone through its between teen and child
omg shes such a tween
by TheBanana6000 September 26, 2015
its the most akward period anybody has ever gone through its between teen and child
omg shes such a tween
by TheBanana6000 September 26, 2015
between 10 and 12 it is called tween because it is a double digit that dose not end with teen.
Lillian just became a tween because she is 10
by cracracrazy May 29, 2015
14 year olds that are mentally 12 years old and can't grow up.
Boy: I thought she was freshmeat.

Girl: So? She's basically a fucking tween.
by the legendary April 03, 2015
Generally a girl neither a child nor a teenager but is slammed by both because of their insecurities. Then, under constant attack are easily manipulated into the sole means of defense at her disposal, attacking her own kind. She is protected and supported by none thereby making her feel her own fears and wishes all the more acutely. Due to such thoughtless ridicule by those ready to mock, deride, taunt, and humiliate for their own benefit and solely to her expense, one of the most precious times in her life, a time to begin to know herself as a person, is squandered, not just to the girl herself but to the society and culture to which she counts herself and contributes. One of the most lethal aspects of her dilemma is the cynical, nihilistic, soul killing twaddle found to be associated with common connotations of the word tween including being regarded as nothing more than the bit of flesh between shit and fuck.
That tweener is going to get what she's asking for whether she likes it or not, heh, heh.
by kultunis May 17, 2009
Girls between the ages of nine and thirteen. Generally underestimated. People think they're idiots who are just trying to be mature but really, they've been through a lot so don't bug them.
Teen: Look at those tweens over there, pretending to be cool...

Tween: ...I'm really not...
by aseysghefdgr March 05, 2009
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