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An internet forum on the Canadian networking site known as nexopia.com. This forum consists of a conglomerate of different social groups including e-famous, celebrity, outgoing, hilarious, faggots, and genius hipsters who congregate together on the internet and try to act like they are more younger than the rest of the teenage population, but in truth are just teenagers living in their parents garages with no future. The age range in tweens is from 14-21. While most normal people have lives, the regulars in tweens don't and use gib and the internet in order to replace this void. In short, the pedophiles in tweens are all junkies going to the bottle depot to support their internet cost to stay tweens posters.
"Oh look it's users torture, Windowlicker., thirdrite2party, this must be a Tweens meet."
by torture stephanie miller July 28, 2009
I pre teen boy/girl who thinks they're boss and often end up moderating internet forums/communities thinking they're big (Saying that, I'll like to point out that they are, however incredibly fat They can't spell, nor do they check their spellings). They have no friends or homework so all they do is go online. They always end up getting tricked into giving their passwords to different games/communities they use, and claim to be hacked.
Jade: You are banned for calling me stupid. I am in charge because I am a tween.
by Helloooooo5oo August 22, 2008
the space beTWEEN the genitalia and anus. also referred to as taint or guiche.
"oh yeah baby,lick my tween while youre down there"
by bobovdeath May 03, 2007
the act of tweening, to tween is to tense the anus and shaft of penis in order to stimulate and maintain erection, tweening can happen at climax of orgasm as a male will tween continuously whilst releasing semen. tweening can also happen when being sexually stimulated and achieving erection.

tweening can also happen when a male has cringed due to an unpleasant, cringeworthy or graphic story involving the penis.
oh my lord, that story about the man getting his dick chopped off was so horrible i tweened.

okay suck me off bitch, yeahh keep going, ahh i just cum, can you feel my dick tweening?

if you stick your dick in my ass whilst i orgasm, you'll feel my ass tweening on your dick.
by Tweensir October 20, 2009
Just another word to describe blonde idiots who prance around wanting to be Smears (Britney Spears).
You bought the Hilary Duff CD? You are such a tween!
by Sango March 19, 2005
1)a twenty-something who still acts like,dresses like, or hangs out with(a)teenager(s)
2)a twenty-something who follows the fads and pop culture of current teenagers
that tween needs to grow up (?)
by fulltiltmonkey August 29, 2007
Two lesbians who who want to be lovers that are usually named "Kelsey" or "Andrea"
"That girl is such a Tween. Is her name Kelsey?"
by Evilyn Carne December 08, 2008