Noun. - A person in between childhood and teenhood, approx. 12-14 years old, mostly used to describe females only. This specific distinction appeared when corporations realized that tweens were a specific, marketable demographic with purchasing power of their own. Now, tween-oriented products such as The Jonas Brothers and tween lifestyle guides like iCarly exist.
I can't believe this generation! I just saw a bunch of tweens with makeup and miniskirts marching into Forever 21.
by 11redred11 November 10, 2010
Coming from an 11 year-old girl's point of view, this is what a tween is.

This word mostly used to describe an 9-12 year old girl who:
-watches Disney Channel religiously
-wears more makeup than most adults
-uses excessive profanity while talking to friends, because they think they are a teenager
-only wear clothes from Justice
-gossips about what will be forgotten the next day
-either hates the latest pop boy-band or loves them, there is no inbetween
-desperately tries to be a teenager
-tries to act emo, scene, hipster, etc.
Example one:

Tween One: Oh my fucking gosh! I just lost my fucking lip-gloss!! It's the end of the world omg!!
Tween Two: OMG!! Hope you're okay! Tough luck!

Example Two:

Tween One: OMfG!! DiD u Here dat (Tween three's name) goT 2 go 2 da 1D consert!?!

Tween Two: OmFG!! ShE Dosent evin Lyk them! FaKe Fan Alert!1!!
Tween One: LOLZZ I hEARd heR PaReNtS Got divorSed!! LOLZZ FUKIN LUZeR
by ThatOneKidYou'veSeen November 11, 2014
Someone aged 11, 12, or 13 years old....basically in between a child and a teenager.
Most tween girls try to act like teenagers, but are still very childish.
by theUofM April 17, 2007
The girls that are in their twenties but act like they are in there teens!
That chic law student that behaves like a tween! She is such a tweener!
by Bentham69 February 19, 2015
Someone between the ages 9-12. Too old to be a child and too young to be a Teenager. Even though they are little kids, they dress like a whore. They follow any trends and are obsessed with Disney bullshit. They have Facebook accounts, but they lie about their age saying they are 18 years old because they are not even 13 yet. These creatures can be found in grades 3-7. They are easy to spot on +13 websites. It's insulting to call a mature person between the ages 9-12 a Tween. Call them a preteen instead.
Tween number 1: LyKe OmG!!! R U GoInG 2 JaNeS 12Th?!!!!!11!!

Tween number 2: O yAh I Am. ImMa WeAr mUh ShOrTeSs SkIrT BeCuZz dAt HoT gUy In 7Th AsKeD mE oUt!!!!!!!! He ToLd MuH oVaR FB LYKe Omfg!!!!!!!1!!!

Teenager: Oh stop trying too hard to grow up! You are a Child! You supposed to watch Cartoons and Play outside.
by Pre-teen May 05, 2014
Tweens are girls between the age of 9-12 who wear slutty clothes, wear a ridiculous amount of make-up, watch Disney channel, listen to bubblegum pop like One Direction, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and need to get a dictionary thrown at them. They try to act all grown up when their not. I was walking down my street when a group of girls my age were walking by talking obnoxiously loud about their "boyfriends". In reality what probably happened was the guy or the girl "asked their crush out"(everyone knows about it soon) and started walking around the field together claiming their "dating" when they have never even been on a date. The "relationship" barely last a day. Not all 9-12 years olds are like that( I'm twelve). I find people who are like that just annoying therefore I try to stay away from them. I don't wear make-up at all or wear revealing clothing.
Tween 1: omg did u hear jake asked carly out yesterday, there lik tots adorable.
Tween 2: ikr bt ill lok much beter wit him

Tween 3: kenzie said i was a slut. am i a slut? *is wearing a crop top with booty shorts. Also has her faced caked in make-up*
by Naaz November 16, 2013
a person(s) within the age of 10-12
uses acronyms in texts, and totally freaks out over stupid stuff. does NOT exclusively listen to pop. tends to find themselves stressing over trying to find who the are.
Jane: You are such a kid Giena!!!You don't even want to go to get pizza without wanting to play the arcade games!!!!!!!

Giena: You are the same way! Hello! We are both 11 and we are NOT absolutely NOT kids, we are tweens.

tex messaging

Jen: K, so u will totlly come ovr!!!!!!!

Dina: Y not!! ur soo gr8!!! ill tell my mom, ill leve 2morrow @ 11!!!! see u!!!!!!! bye bye!

Jen: gr8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye bye!! :(

Lane: I RAN OUT OF FOUNDATION AND MASCARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG "OMG )MGOMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Tina: OMG i'm coming r8 NOW!!!!1
by bananananananananawaffle December 31, 2011

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