Customers in a retail store that are ampt up on drugs and their speech and behaviors are very fast, frenzied, and unpredictable.
Keep an eye out on the couple of squirrels in the clearance section.
by mz.tamara March 26, 2010
to run a round frantically trying to figure out what you set out to do. To talk fast.
Rachel squirrels around the restaurant trying to set up for parties. Rachel is squirreling so fast I can't understand what she is saying.
by bgolfermoney December 18, 2009
A good friend but annoying as hell when he's left stuck in a room to long. You can't take him out in public because he will make you look stupid but you love him anyways. You will always love squirrels.
Zack Hall=Squirrel
by Cheese1693 November 21, 2009
innocent looking race of world-dominators, planning to take over the world lead by the oversquirrel
by The Oversquirrel March 13, 2003
A choad, normally a weird brown color but can have variance in color, and surrounded by a thick mass of pubic hair.
Girl 1: So, what did you a with that guy last night?
Girl 2: Don't bring that up...
Girl 3: Why? What happened?
Girl 4: Things were going great and I went to reach into his pants and there was a squirrel in there!
by Umlau October 23, 2011
A word to describe what a person does when they are easily distracted.
Bob: So, in conclusion, 4+4 = 8
Tommy: Wait, what?
Bob: I just gave an hour lesson on this!
Jim: Yeah, but Tommy was like "Squirrel!" the whole time.
by snape+scabbers=AWESOME June 13, 2011
1. Anything that distracts you from current conversation or task at hand. 2. Word used to describe being distracted from current conversation or task.
Her: ... and then she said that Wednesday, not Saturday, would be better for her; of course, neither day really --
Me: Squirrel! ... uhm, what are we talking about again?
by DrWendel April 30, 2011

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