Customers in a retail store that are ampt up on drugs and their speech and behaviors are very fast, frenzied, and unpredictable.
Keep an eye out on the couple of squirrels in the clearance section.
by mz.tamara March 26, 2010
A provident "drug user" according to William S. Burroughs 1966 book "Naked Lunch"
"Provident junkies known as squirrels, keep stashes against a bust."
by neomaya October 09, 2009
A "squirrel" is a code name for a hot ass sexy man. It originated from the movie "Up," in which the dog when distracted by sighting a squirrel, yells "squirrel." To use the term properly, when you are with your girls and spot a hot ass sexy man, you bump your girl (or guy) and say squirrel. It should not be mixed up with a non-squirrel.
LaFonda: Squirrel gurrl!
Emonjanique: Gurl that squirrel fine!
Bonequeeta: Oh my lord gurrl.. let's get them digits.
Deshamanequa:Y'all had said squirrel? Where at? Gurl let me get at that.
QuaShawndra: Y'all late. That sexiness is mine.
by Erwisha July 10, 2011
A sexually-oriented woman that likes to "climb your wood," and swallow all of your nuts.
Dude, she had sex with like 3 guys yesterday.

Wow, what a squirrel.
by Semi-Dunn June 05, 2011
The kinda girl you don't want to keep around for too long. Cute and cuddly, but crazy as fuck.
Yo man, Miley Cyrus is a total squirrel. But she's probably still worth it for a bit
by Bobby Bigwheels October 08, 2010
A good friend but annoying as hell when he's left stuck in a room to long. You can't take him out in public because he will make you look stupid but you love him anyways. You will always love squirrels.
Zack Hall=Squirrel
by Cheese1693 November 21, 2009
An evil little creature, that is seen in the forest or when your super high. If you ever see one of these creatures be aware that it is ploting against you and all of society. This creature is bent on taking over the world!!!
person a (while looking at his hand): Oh Shit!! It's a squirrel!!
person b: WTF?!?!
by mitch_hellyeah December 09, 2008

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