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To jump up and catch a football over a defender.
He jumped up and mossed him to score the touchdown.
by Seye November 20, 2003
1. All Star St. Louis Rams Wide Reciever
2. North Carolina State Alumnus
3. see Big Game
"Big Game" Torry Holt scores yet again.
by Seye November 20, 2003
1. Nickname for St. Louis Rams Wide Reciever Torry Holt.
Big Game Torry Holt with the touchdown catch!
by Seye November 20, 2003
1. Atlanta Falcons Middle Linebacker.
2. Former Georgia Tech Linebacker.
Keith Brooking deserves more respect as one of the best in the league.
by Seye November 23, 2003
1. Big Play Cornerback formerly on the St. Louis Rams, now plays for the Detroit Lions.
2. Former North Carolina Tar Heel star.
Dre' Bly is the single most underrated cornerback in the entire NFL.
by Seye November 20, 2003
1. An event or occurrance that is detrimental or unfavorable.
My boy got head from this girl and she tried to offer me some icecream from the same spoon that she ate out of, COSTLY!!!
by Seye November 20, 2003
An abbreviation for Monday Night Football on ABC.
The Rams play the Seahawks in a divisional matchup on MNF.
by Seye November 22, 2003

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