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An underaged kid who thinks listening to music from a movement long before their time and wearing Hot Topic clothing defines them as "who they are". They can be seen hopping out of their mom's mini-van's at malls and travelling in groups of 3 or more because none of them are able to kick ass on their own. It's not hard to spot them amidst the other shoppers who are actually buying things, but you might have difficulty picking one out of his or her "pack" since they all look the freakin' same.
Bob: Damn, I'm sure glad we got jobs as mall security guards!
Larry: Heck yeah, now we get PAID to harass mall punks because they're idiots!
by criticaloversite January 12, 2004
Any fat girl in denial who refers to herself as "cuddly" when filling out online profiles. Usually wears Winnie The Pooh shirts.
Bob: Oh damn, here comes Chubby The Pooh
Larry: I heard you were up in that, man.
Bob: Dick.
by criticaloversite January 12, 2004
The sandwich you attempt to make on a grill machine while completely drunk off apple schnapps and boxed wine.
Oh man, I forgot to put the rest of bread on! It's an open-faced grilled cheese!
by criticaloversite January 12, 2004
A girl who thinks sucking lots of dick will make her more popular. Generally tends to be abit over-weight or chubby.
Bob: Yeah, she swallowed mine!
Larry: You and the rest of the school, man. She's just a damned squirrel.
by criticaloversite January 12, 2004
A vegetarian that still gives blow-jobs.
Bob: It sucks that's she's vegan, man.
Larry: It's cool. She's a sneakin' vegan.
by criticaloversite January 12, 2004
a full and robust marijuana bud, generally characterized by a deep green color. Named as such because it's size and shape is about that of a strawberry.
And for desert? Strawberries and kif.
by criticaloversite January 12, 2004

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