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A urban spoof of the popular Harry Potter series of books. In this series of books, Harry smokes weed with his friends, plays Quidizzlefoshizzle instead of Quidditch, and practices black magic. The series of books includes -
Harry Pothead and the Stoned Sorcerer,
Harry Pothead and the Chamber of Crack, and
Harry Pothead and the Prisoner from Block A
Coming soon...
Harry Pothead and the Golden Shank
From the Stoned Sorcerer -
"Arry', I tink the professor is smokin' weed today go and see if we can get his stash. Said Ronald. "Fuck you, bitch ass nigga ho crip dawg mofo jackoff I gots my own organic foo'. Said Harry"
by Chipmunk January 03, 2005
womans jubbilies
my i'd like to suck thoses boobie/ that booby
by chipmunk April 11, 2003
a fake ass bitch
Howdy Doody
by chipmunk February 09, 2003
A place where you can express yourself freely, under an alias which you can't truly be identified by unless you got hacked into. "Define your world" however you want; nobody can stop you. Except for the losers who think they can overrun crap here on the site. (I'm not saying any names folks, ya already know, boot em out!). If it weren't for urbandictionary.com, I would be a very angry person right now. It's like the urban, modern version of Webster's Dictionary.
www.urbandictionary.com is the place to go
by Chipmunk January 07, 2005
someone who loves nutz! NUT LUVAHS
Get off dat man's nuts, SQUIRREL!!!!!
by Chipmunk July 18, 2003
A skateboarder who is an asshole enough to hate rollerbladers because he has nothing better to do beside smoke pot and suck dick.
Fuckin woodpush got in my face so i kicked his ass.
by chipmunk June 03, 2003
The chatter commonly heard by high school students. It's all BULLSHIT! "I got drunk on NYE and NYD". WTF?!? That BULLSHIT! That's underage drinking, you dumb fuck! Or how about "So I like went to the mall and saw like Bryant so-and-so from my like 3rd period..". Nobody gives a fuck, woman!. "I gotta go to work at like 3:00, dude." Ok, bigshot, so you got a fucking job. Who cares! "If you don't leave me alone I will turn this classroom into a hellzone!" Yeah, man, who gives a...no wait, that's not bullshit. That's serious, but I wouldn't blame the person who said that for being honest.
See bullshit under Chipmunk's tag. I think I aleady gave some examples.
by Chipmunk January 07, 2005
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