A random word that is shouted during intense conversation.

(From the movie Up)
So today, SQUIRREL! i ate some chips.
by s.rose January 01, 2010
Similar to A.D.D., start one task, conversation, or thought, then randomly switching to another, repeatedly.
I went to clean the bedroom. Then I found a usb drive in a pile of clothes. I went on my computer and squirreled for an hour looking through it and totally forgot about cleaning.
by LilMilo August 23, 2011
Some animal with rabies that u will love till the end of da world
by KickAssBob February 16, 2009
innocent looking race of world-dominators, planning to take over the world lead by the oversquirrel
by The Oversquirrel March 13, 2003
A seemingly adorable creature who is secretly evil & has light-sabers & guns. Also, the squirrels Lord & Master is Foamy the Squirrel.
Wow. Did you see that squirrel attack Mike? The squirrel was totally ninja.

Oh, I've heard of squirrels attacking ppl... They start out looking cute then go physco.

I bet the squirrel was part of the Church of Foamy...

Yeah, I bet your right
by BEWARE_of_the_squirrels March 28, 2010
Noun - derogatory - a name for an overzealous emergency responder who rushes to the scene of an emergency in an effort to help, but is often a liability to other responders' efforts.

Verb - (not derogatory) - in firefighting/EMS/rescue, to actively pursue 911 calls to run, especially outside of your first due.
-also: stealing good 911 calls (fires) from other units
"Jimmy is such a squirrel! He's always listening for alarm bells on the scanner to run in and save the day, even when it isn't his assignment."

"Engine 6 is out in 44's area squirreling calls. They've caught 2 ALS calls today, but no fire"
by Fire_Wolf December 04, 2008
Code word for "gay" men. Squirrels like nuts, so do "gay" men. Squirrels have the bent wrist syndrome, so do some "gay" men.

Instead of a gay friend saying "Hey GURL hey!" to his gay bestie, he says "HEY SQUIRREL HEY!".
Matt: Hey SQUIRREL! Your looking FABULOUS today!

Johnny: I can't crack this nut, sometimes its not easy knowing if someone is a "squirrel". He might be a flying squirrel, not a prancer.
Chad: Tsk tsk. Yeah he might be hibernating in his tree.
by kozmatic January 27, 2011
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