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up and down : moving ones mouth up and down around a hot guys large and cummy penis, or:
a male licking a female's big and yummy tits/nipples;
also makes people horny
- I sucked his hard cock up and down,all night long.
- I loved sucking her hard horny nipples on those big and juicy boobs.
by horny bi-sexual November 28, 2005
The present tense of the word suck meaning that whatever you're doing, your doing it VERY poorly.
"Wow knock-knock jokes? this comedian is sucking!
by sykness1 February 01, 2011
Sucking has a few definitions
1: durring sex when a man licks a girl"s boobs,2: durring sex when the man licks the pussy,3: slang for hard-core kissing.
1" ohhh god, yes, your gonna be sucking my nipples more, oh, faster,ohhh,ohhhhh,OHHHHHHH!!!!!"
by anym1 December 14, 2008
Sucking is when you don't get a raise after 10 hard years at the same company.

Also sucking is when you like cock in your mouth wether you are male or female.
Wanna suck me ?
by tdinc4000 January 03, 2004
When somone is going under losses.
sucking is term used in sex , in which a person hold his cock in his mouth and give him pleasure.
I love to suck cock deep in my throat.
Wana sucked?
by Zeeshan Kashif March 02, 2004