Code word for "gay" men. Squirrels like nuts, so do "gay" men. Squirrels have the bent wrist syndrome, so do some "gay" men.

Instead of a gay friend saying "Hey GURL hey!" to his gay bestie, he says "HEY SQUIRREL HEY!".
Matt: Hey SQUIRREL! Your looking FABULOUS today!

Johnny: I can't crack this nut, sometimes its not easy knowing if someone is a "squirrel". He might be a flying squirrel, not a prancer.
Chad: Tsk tsk. Yeah he might be hibernating in his tree.
#gay #homosexual #squirrel #homo #fairy
by kozmatic January 27, 2011
A nickname often given to a rookie firefighter who tends to be over zealous.

They typically believe they know more than they actually do, and relish in telling others the stories of there heroism, which are almost always exaggerations of the truth.
Did you meet the new guy? He was talking about that box the other day. To hear him tell it, you'd think he drove the engine there, and put the thing out himself. What a squirrel.
#fire #firefighter #fire department #squirrel #squirl #probie #cadet #noob #newbie
by HackerZC October 13, 2010
young children, usually aged 6-12, that are free roaming the neighborhood in small groups, which come bother you while you are working on your car, playing in the garage, or tinkering with something. they then proceed to invite themselves into whatever it is you're doing, ask you a million questions, and ruin any productivity you once had. You try to tell them to leave, but without being a complete dick, it's impossible to get them out of your hair.
I was going to try and tune the bike a little bit this afternoon, but the squirrels came and basically ruined the rest of the day.
#squirrels #kids #squirrel #children #annoying
by straight mbv August 01, 2010
A scampering piece of ass. Often found in college bars or malls. An attention getting, fast moving chick that needs to be pounced. Often seen wearing pony-tails, short shorts, and Ugg boots.
"I'm trying to catch a little squirrel in here tonight." or "Hey, there's a lot of young squirrel in the food court today."
#chick #beaver #cooter #tramp #squirrel hair
by Spidertactics April 08, 2010
to run a round frantically trying to figure out what you set out to do. To talk fast.
Rachel squirrels around the restaurant trying to set up for parties. Rachel is squirreling so fast I can't understand what she is saying.
#frantic #fast #to squirrel #run around #talk fast
by bgolfermoney December 18, 2009
A provident "drug user" according to William S. Burroughs 1966 book "Naked Lunch"
"Provident junkies known as squirrels, keep stashes against a bust."
#provident #careful #conservative #stash #hoarde
by neomaya October 09, 2009
psychotic fuzzy creatures that are taking over the world w/ their partners in crimes...the penguins. penguins met met aliens when they first invented time travel (look it up on penguins) and have gotten the aliens to help them take over man kind. beware of these tiny creatures they may look cute but if u piss them off, they might have to eat you
i saw a squirrel today and i could have sworn it was carrying explosives
#penguins #ninjas #aliens #rodents #world
by curlyninja December 12, 2008
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