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Noun - derogatory - a name for an overzealous emergency responder who rushes to the scene of an emergency in an effort to help, but is often a liability to other responders' efforts.

Verb - (not derogatory) - in firefighting/EMS/rescue, to actively pursue 911 calls to run, especially outside of your first due.
-also: stealing good 911 calls (fires) from other units
"Jimmy is such a squirrel! He's always listening for alarm bells on the scanner to run in and save the day, even when it isn't his assignment."

"Engine 6 is out in 44's area squirreling calls. They've caught 2 ALS calls today, but no fire"
by Fire_Wolf December 04, 2008
A nickname often given to a rookie firefighter who tends to be over zealous.

They typically believe they know more than they actually do, and relish in telling others the stories of there heroism, which are almost always exaggerations of the truth.
Did you meet the new guy? He was talking about that box the other day. To hear him tell it, you'd think he drove the engine there, and put the thing out himself. What a squirrel.
by HackerZC October 13, 2010
A random word that is shouted during intense conversation.

(From the movie Up)
So today, SQUIRREL! i ate some chips.
by s.rose January 01, 2010
A sexually-oriented woman that likes to "climb your wood," and swallow all of your nuts.
Dude, she had sex with like 3 guys yesterday.

Wow, what a squirrel.
by Semi-Dunn June 05, 2011
young children, usually aged 6-12, that are free roaming the neighborhood in small groups, which come bother you while you are working on your car, playing in the garage, or tinkering with something. they then proceed to invite themselves into whatever it is you're doing, ask you a million questions, and ruin any productivity you once had. You try to tell them to leave, but without being a complete dick, it's impossible to get them out of your hair.
I was going to try and tune the bike a little bit this afternoon, but the squirrels came and basically ruined the rest of the day.
by straight mbv August 01, 2010
The kinda girl you don't want to keep around for too long. Cute and cuddly, but crazy as fuck.
Yo man, Miley Cyrus is a total squirrel. But she's probably still worth it for a bit
by Bobby Bigwheels October 08, 2010
Customers in a retail store that are ampt up on drugs and their speech and behaviors are very fast, frenzied, and unpredictable.
Keep an eye out on the couple of squirrels in the clearance section.
by mz.tamara March 26, 2010