A lady's pubic hair from the age 50+
Gemma's squirrel was getting out of hand, needing a bloody good trim.

Very dry, coarse and grey (much like a grey squirrel's fur/coat).
by TheFlyingBadger May 28, 2012
A choad, normally a weird brown color but can have variance in color, and surrounded by a thick mass of pubic hair.
Girl 1: So, what did you a with that guy last night?
Girl 2: Don't bring that up...
Girl 3: Why? What happened?
Girl 4: Things were going great and I went to reach into his pants and there was a squirrel in there!
by Umlau October 23, 2011
A woman who is obsessed with getting sex, she is constantly trying to make excuses to get it, even falsifying plans in order to get a man's nuts.
Bobby: "Dude, Amanda is such a squirrel."
Geoffrey: "I know, man, she's always after my nuts!"
by SkwirllieSquirrel August 27, 2011
A word to describe what a person does when they are easily distracted.
Bob: So, in conclusion, 4+4 = 8
Tommy: Wait, what?
Bob: I just gave an hour lesson on this!
Jim: Yeah, but Tommy was like "Squirrel!" the whole time.
by snape+scabbers=AWESOME June 13, 2011
A sexually-oriented woman that likes to "climb your wood," and swallow all of your nuts.
Dude, she had sex with like 3 guys yesterday.

Wow, what a squirrel.
by Semi-Dunn June 05, 2011
The kinda girl you don't want to keep around for too long. Cute and cuddly, but crazy as fuck.
Yo man, Miley Cyrus is a total squirrel. But she's probably still worth it for a bit
by Bobby Bigwheels October 08, 2010
A good friend but annoying as hell when he's left stuck in a room to long. You can't take him out in public because he will make you look stupid but you love him anyways. You will always love squirrels.
Zack Hall=Squirrel
by Cheese1693 November 21, 2009
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