1. Anything that distracts you from current conversation or task at hand. 2. Word used to describe being distracted from current conversation or task.
Her: ... and then she said that Wednesday, not Saturday, would be better for her; of course, neither day really --
Me: Squirrel! ... uhm, what are we talking about again?
by DrWendel April 30, 2011
A woman.

A chick.

A female
" man I went to them club and it was wall yo wall filled with nothing but squirrel"

" C'mon son that's my squirrel, why do you call her a squirrel because they chase nuts"
by Marco Bengy February 08, 2011
An evil little creature, that is seen in the forest or when your super high. If you ever see one of these creatures be aware that it is ploting against you and all of society. This creature is bent on taking over the world!!!
person a (while looking at his hand): Oh Shit!! It's a squirrel!!
person b: WTF?!?!
by mitch_hellyeah December 09, 2008
Little fury bastards that mug people in the local park at night and have an obssesion with nuts. Bloody squirrels!
What the? Get out of my trouser leg! Blasted squirrels got my nuts.
by Nik P October 31, 2005
Gray or red bushy-tailed rodent.
My pet squirrel has been featured on the Trident commercials.
by Saints September 24, 2003
Becoming distracted from your original conversation by something more interesting or attractive.
Mary tended to squirrel from our conversation when a hot man walked by the table.
by Witchlite October 02, 2014
Is a bastardization of Quirrel, which is a bastardization of qurl, which is a bastardization of gurl, which is a bastardization of girl.
Man: Check out that amazing squirrel.
Friend: That's bestiality, you're fucked up!
Man: No, that respectable lady over there.
Friend: Oh, ok.
by zirconium June 01, 2011

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