A "squirrel" is a code name for a hot ass sexy man. It originated from the movie "Up," in which the dog when distracted by sighting a squirrel, yells "squirrel." To use the term properly, when you are with your girls and spot a hot ass sexy man, you bump your girl (or guy) and say squirrel. It should not be mixed up with a non-squirrel.
LaFonda: Squirrel gurrl!
Emonjanique: Gurl that squirrel fine!
Bonequeeta: Oh my lord gurrl.. let's get them digits.
Deshamanequa:Y'all had said squirrel? Where at? Gurl let me get at that.
QuaShawndra: Y'all late. That sexiness is mine.
by Erwisha July 10, 2011
Is a bastardization of Quirrel, which is a bastardization of qurl, which is a bastardization of gurl, which is a bastardization of girl.
Man: Check out that amazing squirrel.
Friend: That's bestiality, you're fucked up!
Man: No, that respectable lady over there.
Friend: Oh, ok.
by zirconium June 01, 2011
Any cop too stupid to realize that no one calls them pigs anymore because that's old news. If you find yourself in the situation needing to alert others that the squirrels are comin' to get you, you may distract them with the relatively new term, and also some neighborhood dogs as well if you're lucky.
Squirrel!! Put that shit out!!! Run Dammit!!!
by whoever_you_want_me_to_be December 17, 2009
One who is squirrely. if something is squirrely it "isn't chill." Someone not fun to hang around because theyll probably do something retarted or "squirrely". A squirrel is a sketch person and Squirrely is something sketchy. something that disrupts the "Vibe" and often makes people say "what the fuck are you thinking?"
"Wow Carlos is a fuckin squirrel, did you see him catch that tree on fire by the school?"

"My moms a squirrel she went snooping in my room and found my weed."

"That was squirrely when i got called down to the office, i had a bong in my backpack."

by Underclocker February 12, 2008
1920's and 30's version of "pigs", slang word for the cops.
"Cheese it boys, it's the Squirrels!" said Johnny Bankrobber.
by Beer Wolf April 10, 2005
Unit of measurement used to relate emotional distance.

NOTE: This is a relative distance per individual and can be used in a positive or negative sense.
1) My girlfriend and I are so close, we're probably less than one squirrel away at any given moment.

2) I feel like my best friend from second grade is a million squirrels away when I think about him.
by Mister Cameo May 09, 2012
a black man, woman, or child
"This place is crawling with squirrels!"
by ryu-chan April 26, 2012

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