1. Anything that distracts you from current conversation or task at hand. 2. Word used to describe being distracted from current conversation or task.
Her: ... and then she said that Wednesday, not Saturday, would be better for her; of course, neither day really --
Me: Squirrel! ... uhm, what are we talking about again?
#distraction #concentration #spring fever #senioritis #senior moment
by DrWendel April 30, 2011
Term for a person who does not know when to cross in traffic, or a person who casually walks in front of a moving vehicle with little or no concern.

Origin: A racist joke.
Q - What's the difference between a black person and a squirrel?
A - A squirrel knows when not to cross in traffic.

Note: Contrary to the origin of the joke, a squirrel can be a person of any race, sex, religion, etc.
I was driving over here and almost hit someone. The stupid squirrel just walked right out in front of my car.
#squirrel #squirl #squrl #squrel squrrel #squirel #sqoorl #skwerl #sqwerl #squrel #squirrl
by RaScarabous May 27, 2011
The hair line from your bellybutton going down.
My squirrel lives between my lower abs
#abs #squirrel #down #hair line #bellybutton
by thathappygaykid February 23, 2011
A woman.

A chick.

A female
" man I went to them club and it was wall yo wall filled with nothing but squirrel"

" C'mon son that's my squirrel, why do you call her a squirrel because they chase nuts"
#chick #girl #woman #sqiurelly #babes
by Marco Bengy February 08, 2011
What poor gays who can't afford gerbils use.
Their garbage can is full of dead squirrels, what are those gay guys up too ? If the PETA people find out how many squirrels have died in that gay bar they would burn the place down. I believe in live and let live but this squirrel abuse it too much.
#rectum rodents #bushy tailed suppositories #kamikaze turds #furry but plugs #poor little bastards
by benthere March 06, 2008
One who is squirrely. if something is squirrely it "isn't chill." Someone not fun to hang around because theyll probably do something retarted or "squirrely". A squirrel is a sketch person and Squirrely is something sketchy. something that disrupts the "Vibe" and often makes people say "what the fuck are you thinking?"
"Wow Carlos is a fuckin squirrel, did you see him catch that tree on fire by the school?"

"My moms a squirrel she went snooping in my room and found my weed."

"That was squirrely when i got called down to the office, i had a bong in my backpack."

#sketch #sketchy #clown #dumbass #dumbshit #bitch #retard
by Underclocker February 12, 2008
any small, hyperactive woodland creature that belongs to the order "Rodentia" and the family "Sciuridae" that is bent on world domination and stealing nuts and seeds and "incidently" forgetting where they hid them. they team up with other small, beady eyed animals on their hysterical plot.
squirrels, hamsters, cockatiels, mice! they all have hypnotic powers in their beady brains. why else do they make ppl swerve off the road or become road kill in the end?
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 18, 2005
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