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1920's and 30's version of "pigs", slang word for the cops.
"Cheese it boys, it's the Squirrels!" said Johnny Bankrobber.
by Beer Wolf April 10, 2005
Unit of measurement used to relate emotional distance.

NOTE: This is a relative distance per individual and can be used in a positive or negative sense.
1) My girlfriend and I are so close, we're probably less than one squirrel away at any given moment.

2) I feel like my best friend from second grade is a million squirrels away when I think about him.
by Mister Cameo May 09, 2012
A "squirrel" is a code name for a hot ass sexy man. It originated from the movie "Up," in which the dog when distracted by sighting a squirrel, yells "squirrel." To use the term properly, when you are with your girls and spot a hot ass sexy man, you bump your girl (or guy) and say squirrel. It should not be mixed up with a non-squirrel.
LaFonda: Squirrel gurrl!
Emonjanique: Gurl that squirrel fine!
Bonequeeta: Oh my lord gurrl.. let's get them digits.
Deshamanequa:Y'all had said squirrel? Where at? Gurl let me get at that.
QuaShawndra: Y'all late. That sexiness is mine.
by Erwisha July 10, 2011
Term for a person who does not know when to cross in traffic, or a person who casually walks in front of a moving vehicle with little or no concern.

Origin: A racist joke.
Q - What's the difference between a black person and a squirrel?
A - A squirrel knows when not to cross in traffic.

Note: Contrary to the origin of the joke, a squirrel can be a person of any race, sex, religion, etc.
I was driving over here and almost hit someone. The stupid squirrel just walked right out in front of my car.
by RaScarabous May 27, 2011
A girl with just a little bush. The bush is expected to be clean and maintained ... a little turf on the field. Reminiscent of when a girls pubs have grown in for the first time and has never been molested by the shaver.

Specifically, the word is used to refer to a young girl, late junior high school through high school, that is expected to have or has a bush as described above. The use of squirrel is considered already pluralized when referring to a pack of girls.
Jenni's totally a squirrel, time to give her my nuts.

Tony "Tone": Yo, Ron, you think she a squirrel?
Ron: Yea man, she wearing yoga pants. You can see the squirrel right up front.

Wooderson: That's why I love dem squirrel's. I get older, they stay the same age.

Timmy: Mommy, what's a squirrel?
Mommy: Here Timmy take a look.
by Tony "Tone" Booyah May 12, 2011
The hair line from your bellybutton going down.
My squirrel lives between my lower abs
by thathappygaykid February 23, 2011
Someone who needs to get their nut.
linsday: i just broke up with mike.
sam: girl! you gotta get your nut tonight!
lindsay: nah, dude, i'm not a squirrel.
by lamzy413 September 26, 2010