Caffeinated beer. It comes in a can shaped like a battery, for a reason. Some say it's orange flavored, no one is really sure what color it is. Experiments are still underway, but as of now we know it's dangerous. Causes extreme energetic drunkenness, followed by brief memory loss the morning after, during which subjects have copious amounts of positive energy, with which to complete the various school projects they blew off during their Sparks Night. Fiar warning however, coming down from excessive amounts of sparks WILL suck. Immensely. Subjects report feeling fine, and then as the memories of the night trickle in, sinking ina a mild to severe depression.
But it's good shit, nonetheless. Expect to make out with everyone who is drinking with you.
-Dude, you look like shit warmed over. Why are you so wired?
-I drank Sparks last night.


-Hey do you remember Sparks night?
-Nah, not really. Dude, i remember being totally smashed and when i woke up I has mad energy! I was cleaning and shit! It was awesome! Fucking caffeine, man!
by shrugs May 12, 2005
a lighter
ne1 got a spark up in this bitch?
by MrGrinch August 07, 2003
The feeling when u see someone you like. Even though you are gay.
I am sure its not lust. I just felt a spark between us. I love him
by PurpleSpark July 29, 2010
To "diss" or engauge in argument
mike- yo them shoes look like turf cleats, you better go some where with that

john- i know you aint tryin to spark with them payless loafers on son
by Cris-p October 25, 2010
Creates a small spark, useful for discreetly starting fires.
I used a small spark on him and instantly he burst into flames, the petrol burning.
by Kwing October 28, 2009
N. The flame from a lighter or a match. Usually used in reference to when a cigarette, blunt, J etc, is in need of a light.
I lost my lighter. You got a spark?Does anyone have a spark?
by Tom L July 19, 2005
to beat the shit out of someone, let hell break loose on them, make sure they know they done wrong
if he touches my girl im gonna fuckin spark him
by August 13, 2005

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