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Having relations which constitute an extra-marital affair, which may hold consequences such as a "really uncomfortable news conference".
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's sparking with his Argentine mistress.
by Initforthelulz July 09, 2009
22 15
The act of having or being subjected to an incredibly awkward crush; Similar to sparks trying to ignite a wet rag except there is no chemical reaction to start flames (desire)
You: "Dude, they were totally sparking on you!"

Me: "Yeah? well I piss on their teenage infatuation"
by Afireinrome October 03, 2010
14 11
To release shells or rounds from the clip of a sidearm, automatic or semiautomatic weapon.
He unloaded a whole clip on that nigga after he started sparking the glock.
by BrklynsFynest April 08, 2006
20 20
makeing out
I got Denise and Richard sparking in the living room.
by Cathy November 09, 2003
11 19