painful anal sex to a minor
you sure did spark little billy last night, phil
by Brian Laubstein December 10, 2004
morpeth charv slang for punch
how ye am gonna spark ye all ava
by makster July 16, 2006
Noun; Semen
Verb; To ejaculate
Willy SPARKED in a bitch's face. She was rather put-out.
by Bobby-D September 28, 2005
To punch someone.
I sparked him.
by Jason May 23, 2003
the things you see and can definatly know that the electronic parts of something are all fucked up
my radio doesnt work anymore because i saw sparks comming out of it
by shtoink November 08, 2006
just another word for cash or monies, easy as that.
tits! i'm all out of sparks, can you get this round in?
by Andy Crawford September 29, 2006
Sparks is a Relationship Guidance company formed in Los Angeles who use words and music to describe common relationship situations. Led by brothers Ron and Russell Mael, Sparks has managed to release over seventy self-help albums, selling over 200 millions albums worldwide.

The Mael brothers private lives has always been drenched in secrecy. Some say that they're jointly married to eight wives, while Russell fervently claims that he is married to Jacqueline Kennedy.
Many songs that Sparks have wrote are used by them to help certain sexual problems...

* For The Girls With Everything (Women who are self-obsessed with plastic surgery)
* All You Ever Think About Is Sex (Relationship friction)
* Thanks But No Thanks (How to turn down advances from prostitutes)
* Don't Leave Me Alone With Her (How to decline advances from women)
* Falling In Love With Myself Again (How to combat Mastrubation)
by kodiac1 July 03, 2006

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