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The greatest drink ever. Red Bull and vodka already mixed together in a large 16oz can. Crack in a can. And it tastes like sweet tarts.
i just downed two sparks and now I'm WIRED!!!!!!
by Katie Hughes September 19, 2005
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v. trans. to light a bowl of marijuana
Spark that shit, yo!
by Scarab December 13, 2002
to punch someone in the face
he was talking shit so i sparked him
by K Dizzle January 20, 2004
1. to light cannabis with intention of consuming the fumes.
2. to shoot another (i.e. with a gun)
1. yo, im not feelin high yet, lets spark another bowl.
2. yo i sparked that nigga for poppin off about me and my crew.
by sizam August 02, 2003
An unusual word in the sense it is only used in its plural form.
A complimentary term for gifted individuals of exceedingly high intelligence, usually in the creative arts.
Original derivation from critically acclaimed genius pop duo Sparks - brothers Ron and Russel Mael - who were at the forefront of glam rock, synth pop, dance pop and Britpop. They now make uncategorisable music. However, they were less famous for making brilliant music than Ron's Hitler moustache.
"Look at that couple of bright sparks, they're totally deck!"
#music #pop #rock #genius #spark
by barry Smith May 05, 2006
Only the best way ever to make a woman fuck.
It's an energy drink, It's booze, It's Sparks!
#best #way #make #woman #fuck
by El Vato Montana August 24, 2006
a lighter
ne1 got a spark up in this bitch?
by MrGrinch August 07, 2003
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