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First person in the circle to light up the weed
I brought the bowl, so I get sparks
by just a norml guy June 03, 2009
14 8
New energy drink that contains 6% alcohol and the can itself looks like a battery. Add vodka a make a concoction called battery acid.
Screw that red bullshit, get sparks and have a good time.
by jerryblank May 17, 2005
18 12
A common word for a Ginger person.

Spark(S) Plural - A Group of Ginger Folk/People

For example "Check out this spark"

we get this term due to a spark being a source of light/ignition etc, which we can link to the vibrant colors of a ginger person.
For example "Check out this spark"
"look at those sparks sitting in the corner"
"You're a complete and utter spark"
by Opperman August 09, 2010
10 5
anything & everything.
1) Yo, let's spark it up like no other tonite?
2) Dude, i got sparked in the face by the student teacher..
3) I forgot the stuff... Dude... DON'T EVEN SPARK ME LIKE THAT!!!
by MO KHAN & A.K. January 30, 2011
9 6
Urinal backfire. The end result being the wet marks men claim to be from hand-washing.
It always takes a second or two to get the angle just right...sometimes a mid-flush keeps the sparks at bay.
by washi43 December 05, 2013
2 0
A group of redhead/ Ginger queers/ homosexuals or a group / pack containing at the very least one redhead and one queer
Josh- Man, those girls are H-O-T HOT.

Jake- Yeah man, but they're a bunch of Sparks
Josh- Aww man, why can't good-looking girls be straight?
Jake- I feel ya, man.
by MYAMLILY November 29, 2013
2 0
When a girl likes a guy or a guy likes a girl and they are denying to there friends but it is evedent to all!
You can see sparks when Steph and Tony get together, what a cute couple they make!
by chekjv November 25, 2008
18 16