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now called the wii
the nintendo revolution is now called the Wii.

do you really want to call the cops? or should i get naked and start the (nintendo) revolution
by shtoink August 09, 2007
one of the better types of sex
my girlfriend pissed me off and we got into a fight. but the angry makeup sex was fantastic!
by shtoink November 05, 2006
a rare animal whose mounted head costs $50 in colorado
sucker:man i feel ripped off for this $50 jackalope head!

friend: yeah you dumb ass! those antlers are glued on
by Shtoink September 27, 2006
terrible things to waste.
a mime is a terrible thing to waste.
even though many mimes are terribly hard to fight the temptation to waste...
by Shtoink April 18, 2007
something you put on your feet... most of the time made from leather, some have steel toes. the tend to go past your ankle, and are usually more durable than regular shoes. old dirty ones are sometiems refered to as shit kickers.
cowboy boots are gay! like cowboys
by shtoink May 17, 2007
the rule that is implimented when the 3 and 5 sec rule are unobtainable... or if you work in a restaurant and just dont care.
*drops cheeseburger at McDonalds*
by Shtoink May 06, 2007
a peircing that goes through a lip. makes kissing pretty nice ;)
i kissed a girl with a vertical labret and it was nicer than kissing a girl without one...
by Shtoink April 29, 2007

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