It is a different way for saying solid.
"That's so lid baby"
by J Hunt November 14, 2006
great, fantastic, sick-narly, pro
that was a solid effort
by morgan August 22, 2003
'Solid' is term for a partner one has been romantically involved with for a long period of time and is not married to. This term is appropriate for couples to use when most people would expect them to be married and better conveys commitment over use of 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend'.
"This is John, my solid."
by shiftmo August 14, 2012
a solid is a favor or a good deed. The term originating from within adolescent baby-sitter circles. It refers to a solid bowel movement, one which is easily dealt with.
Hey do me a solid and take out the trash.
by Dr. E. Tomology November 13, 2008
really difficult/well hard (UK definition)
eg. "That maths test was solid!"
by Ham:) January 04, 2006
The worst part of doing engineering, even worse than Durbal
I hate Solids so much!
by Pete January 25, 2005
word used to describe anything thats cool. also, used as a compliment, or to convey appreciation, especially by Tom.
Ben - hey man want to hit mickey d's?
Me - yeah man, thats solid.
by Tom April 13, 2004

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