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fucking the shit out of your girl
i pounded the shit outta linsays fine ass
by ben dover December 06, 2004
Beating the crap out of somebody.
Man that Mickey is going to get a proper pounding when I get hold of him.
by Chris.x June 26, 2006
To do shots of hard liquor
Man, how come you ain't pounding any tonight?
by The Gunslinger April 08, 2004
The action of doing any superfly activity in a group. EX: Drinking, having sex, going to Applebees, playing HALO, and Smoking
"Yo Dude - You pounding tonight?"

"Hey Man, you think you can clear out of the dorm tonight? Im pounding"
by Stu Campbell March 26, 2005
Hawaiian pidgin adjective; refering to large waves.
Ho Bra, we just wen get back from Ali'i's; da waves wuz fucking pounding.
by Braddah Matt June 02, 2005
If someone is really fat, they can be said to be pounding...
(Fat lady walks down the street)
Kid 1: Wow that lady is fat!
Kid 2: Yeah man, she was really pounding
by Baller06 March 09, 2008
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