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A pair of metallic spheres, each approximately 2 inches in diameter, connected by a string or chain and meant to represent the male testes. Used as a motivational tool by Alec Baldwin in the 1992 film version of David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross.
It takes brass balls to sell real estate.
by BMG January 16, 2003
Mazda MPV which, contrary to common belief, is an abbreviation for Moon Patrol Vehicle.
What? Scott totalled the old MPV on the way to the DMV?
by BMG December 17, 2002
a creative play in college football, such as to fool the camera man and the defensive line
"WOOOOOAAHHH nelly!! its gonna be a barn burner today!! and watch out these Huskers and known for their trickeration."
by BMG December 17, 2002
Assistant manager of Cub Foods and former child star of TV show "Warriors in the Hall."
This has been Noah Matt, signing off.
by BMG January 15, 2003
the cheat is grounded!
we had that light switch installed for you so you could turn the lights on and off, not so you could throw light switch raves.
by BMG December 18, 2002
a foot long "sub" style samwhich found exclusively at WaMart, frequently shared by two people and always accompanied by ABF IBC
need some ABF IBC to wash down this big samich
by BMG December 17, 2002
A bee, hornet, or wasp that is not dead.
Nyeah!! Alive!! Swat!!
by BMG January 15, 2003

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