a term gino's/gina's use to show to big up somthing or someone
look at the solid chick or that civic is solid!
by sexy gino October 10, 2003
1. A favor, including any type of helping from a friend or stranger.

2. An ugly female's chest.
1. "Can you do me a solid?"

2. "Yeah, she could have trick-or-treated over the phone, but her solid was rockin."
by J.R. Puffnstuff February 06, 2010
A big favor (used by blacks in Southern California last I heard.)
Do me a solid and don't tell anyone this.
by Greg712 February 21, 2006
any action worthy of receiving compliment, followed by a pounding of two fists together in a light punching manner
you mooned that bitch good.. solid
free fries? solid
by BMG December 17, 2002
Deep or meaningful; something that conveys a sense of introspection.
-We can love or hate, but we still need someone to love or hate.
-That's solid.
by Sly88 February 18, 2008
Firm, hard or compact in substance. Not liquid or gaseous.
That water is a liquid. This wood is a solid.
by Cooolboy May 09, 2007
someone who thinks themsleves hard
person 1 "dont mess wiv me bett who'd ya fink your speekin 2 ill deck you "
Person 2 "Sorry solid"
by x X x lucie x X x August 18, 2006

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