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Usually used at the end of a sentence to confirm something of which is cool. Can also be used as a complete sentence in itself for the same reason. Also can be used to express your appreciation to another for being "on the same page" as them, or to let someone know that the current conversation is over.
MattTroy: "Where are we going tonight Jimmy?"
Jimmy: "Looks like everyone's goin to the bar, we should too."
MattTroy: "Solid."
by Matt Jones June 12, 2006
to say some is strong or hard
oi mate tha kid is solid
by tom brushwood December 15, 2007
adj used to describe something that is difficult or mentally challenging.
cov/hounslow girl: 'tryin to do micro at mo - cant do it - TOO SOLID.
by man April 06, 2004
meaning awesome
a: I did a double filp
b: SOLID!!!
by enoemos August 23, 2012
A good term for defining whether or not a person is trustworthy.
to be a rock and not to roll is solid.
If you are high up on the food chain in the drug world, and you've never fucked anyone over, then you are definitely solid
luc)hey mike hows your friend?
mike) don`t worry he`s totally solid.
luc) lets test it then throw him a front.
by brian dennehy February 22, 2008
'Solid' is term for a partner one has been romantically involved with for a long period of time and is not married to. This term is appropriate for couples to use when most people would expect them to be married and better conveys commitment over use of 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend'.
"This is John, my solid."
by shiftmo August 14, 2012
really difficult/well hard (UK definition)
eg. "That maths test was solid!"
by Ham:) January 04, 2006