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when the sex is so good that the girl has an orgasm after the stimulation (fingering, licking, fucking) has stopped
"whew, that was good!"


by whit February 12, 2004
The scummiest, nastiest and most heinous of all cunts.
She's gone beyond cunt. She's a fucking scum cunt.
by whit April 17, 2005
When snotty little prep ass gay ass suburban males cut their hair short, dye it blonde, comb it forward and spike their bangs up usually about an inch high
"Look at that snotty ass gay ass willy flipper in that civic"
by Whit July 27, 2004
adj. originated as slang during the 80's meaning "cool" or "good" brought back to life in a small Pennsylvanian town
You: "Hey wanna go to the movies?"
Me: "Yeah, that's solid"
by whit November 26, 2004
To poo in anothers toilet, preferably during a party or at a females home. Then disguise by putting down lid and poo awaits next bathroom user. Should attempt to have poo breach water's surface. Origin: Drew Ashley and Justin Elliott
"Rada left a bobcat in our bathroom again!"
by Whit January 21, 2005
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