navy term meaning performing a favor for an E7 or above.
Hey faggot can you do me a solid
by charmin one June 27, 2012
Used by neds. Has the same meaning as hard, in terms of strong, hard to break, ansd also difficult
"At test wis pure solid, man"
by He who shall not be named July 15, 2003
slang english kids used to use during WWII. it means stupid.
"Are you solid or something?"
by gracie April 27, 2005
see above. Also seen (before?) in the t.v. sitcom Seinfeld.
Hey Jerry, can you do me a solid?
by Bungalow Bill December 05, 2001
hot, sexy.. good looking
yo that civic was solid guy
by i am solid August 08, 2003
a term gino's/gina's use to show to big up somthing or someone
look at the solid chick or that civic is solid!
by sexy gino October 10, 2003
weed that has to be burned n cumbled to make a joint
' yo this solid is shite keeps burning ma fingers'
by xxljxx May 13, 2006

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