SNARF: the consequence of neglecting to log out of one's facebook and leaving one's computer prey to attack; one's status is then "SNARFED"- (all caps is VERY important) to show one's dominance over another. The more "likes" and "comments" one receives, the higher the quality of the SNARF and the SNARFer. Remaining anonymous is of the utmost importance to keep the integrity of the SNARF. Also, deleting a SNARF is grounds for suspension or even expulsion from the SNARF family.

SNARF(verb) to eat; to drink; to like someone of the opposite sex; to sleep in; to refer to a previous snarf.

SNARF(noun): a food; a drink; a person of the opposite sex one likes; sleep; numchuck skills; the first president of the united states... of america.

SNARF(any other form of speech): simply as one intends for it to be used: can be positive or negative; cacophonous or euphonious; pejorative or ameliorative; black or white; reptilian or mammalian.

origin: the thunder cats character who resembles a cat

Common responses- NOOOO!, I've been snarfed.

- Did you really just snarf me?

SNARF (verb): I'm about to go snarf, you wanna come?

-I'm just snarfin around right now, you?

SNARF (noun): How's the snarf tonight? Are you guys going to hang out?
by The Snarf December 19, 2010
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Top Definition
1) (noun) a lovable yet slightly annoying character from the Thundercats show, who often uses his own name in his sentences
2) (adj.) sexy and/or stylish
Dude, did you see Rebecca the other night?
Hell yeah man, she was lookin' snarf!
by SaMichael July 02, 2010
when one is eating and is provoked by something funny which causes them to laugh and expel said food out of nasal passages; may also come out of mouth. also applies to liquids.
dood i was eating my lunch at school and this chick said somethign hilarious and i totally snarfed sandwich all over the place
by tiki June 30, 2004
To eat something quickly, very quickly.
Man, did I ever snarf that piece of pie down!
by Anastasious November 20, 2002
Snarf was Lion-O's "nursemaid" on Thundera, and he has a hard time dealing with the fact that Lion-O is no longer in need of his "protection". Although he's somewhat cowardly, Snarf does manage to gather his wits and help when needed.
Snarf, where is my bed pan? i'm going to piss the bed soon
by Kingdick January 24, 2005
to pilfer, to take something that one perceives as off-limits, especially as related to food or beverage consumption.
I totally snarfed those cookies you left on the table.
by tad December 23, 2004
Verb -- to ingest food in an inordinately voracious manner.
"Did you see Lurch snarf down his chicken sandwich before practice? He virtually inhaled that thing!"
by robocam November 23, 2011
a person who gets off smelling bicycle seats
"hey joe...look at that snarf sniffing my bicycle seat. haha...i fatred a nasty wet one before i got off my bike."
by super man's sister October 06, 2009
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