A person who sits in a bathtub full of water, farts and bites the bubbles.
My best friend is a Snarf!
by F8TL70725 May 28, 2011
snarf is another word for ketamie!!!!!! a cat traqulizer. usually used in the rave scene.
dude i was so snarfed last night. i went into a k-hole
by articuno_ May 17, 2011
A mythical creature that never leaves their room because it is playing World of Warcraft. They are usually hairy and short, but make up for it in attitude. Their special power is to be super socially awkward and creepy at the worst possible times.
Andrew is a super snarf!

Yea, I hear he snarfed all over his keyboard when you walked in!
by Lion-Ooooh April 26, 2011
to acquire sneakily, without any real malice or deception
He snarfed a piece of toast from my plate.
by tyrenii April 17, 2011
1. the sound a bloodhound makes when tracking human beings by scent. Bloodhounds have the famed ability to track human scents over great distances.

2. when a single man or woman is on the prowl for a suitable mate, to either party with or engage in sex.

3. snarfing,
- on the prowl, tracking the scent of hotties

4. snarf up,
- the act of finding hotties and throwing your game at them in order to impress them.

5. an evolution of the original word snarf (word of the day on May 25, 2005) which meant "to pilfer, to take something that one perceives as off-limits."
- The current definition has a positive connotation.
Dude, did you see that hottie that Ben is dancing with?
Yeah! He totally snarfed her up from the bar next door!

How does she always find these super cute guys?
Well, you know she's a professional snarfer.

Gentlemen, activate your snarfers. We're going to snarf up some hotties tonight.

Snarf, snarf!
by Bloodhound123 May 25, 2010
1. To eat voraciously, hastily, or hungrily in large quantities.

2. The act of a man sucking another man off while said man is asleep and unsuspecting. This often takes place at sleepovers.
After a long night of video games and snarfing pizza the boys decided to go to bed. But Dan stayed awake, waiting until Bill was asleep so he could arise and snarf his cock.
by Constance Glen April 21, 2010
to do anything, replacing any noun, verb or adjective with the word, snarf

used in this sense in the TV show thundercats
1 I lost the snarf

2 Where did I leave the snarf?

3 What the snarf!

4 Haha... snarf.
by Professsor S. Narf III April 02, 2010

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