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A person or thing in a group that is different or out of the ordinary. One who is funny due to his lack of common sense or ways that he stands out of the crowd. Immaturity, weird clothing, or just not being cool. This can be used as a verb, noun, and adjective.
He's a complete snarf.

He has a really snarfy 3 point shot.
Why are you being so larfy?
Shut the snarf up.
Their team is full of snarfs!
Why are you being so snarfy today?
What a snarf.
Look at that snarf, he's wearing a yellow scarf and pink socks during a basketball game.
by Spencer Blauw February 08, 2011
1 7
The sound a dog makes when trying to itch himself.
Max, quit snarfing I'm trying to sleep
by linnielou November 01, 2010
4 10
An exclamation meaning anything the exclaimer wishes. Is often said back and forth between two people in weird voices. Often done in times of joy.
"yo bro, snarf, 9 o'clock"
'yeah man, she's fine!"
by duneser October 30, 2010
4 10
a cat-like creature in the Thundercats. Typically these animals used the word "snarf" at the ends of sentences and when any emotion is expressed.
You're the best, Liono!!! Snarf!!!
by Sakura Uruwashii January 13, 2009
63 69
someone who bites fart bubbles in a swimming pools
jud totally snarfed ed in the jacuzzi while sippin on christal
by regina fiolanget May 21, 2008
41 47
Using wi-fi that one may not be legitimately entitled to use
The hotel I'm staying in doesn't have wi-fi but I can snarf it from the one across the street.
by Griffin R. May 27, 2007
3 9
to eat quickly, ravenously.
i can't believe you snarfed that whole thing in sixty seconds.
by McGreen February 16, 2007
24 30