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A sex position in which two gay men insert their phallic organs at two ends (mouth and anus) of a closeted gay man, the "chicken", at the same time.
That chicken sandwich was so fun man, too bad he's gone back to his girlfriend.
by Notachicken July 18, 2012
two white people having sex with a live chicken pecking at the girl's vagina.
See Movie: "Pink Flamingos" Scene: Chicken Sandwich
by RubberSoul901 February 14, 2009
1: the method of cleaning the buttocks with a rusty screwdriver

2: a sandwich consisting of chicken and bread

3: the italian explorer, hired by spain, who discovered america in 1492

good lord! this chicken sandwich feels absolutely delightful!

this chicken sandwich is delicious!

i hate this country
by d.a.n.v April 05, 2008
When you go to a fast food restaurant and purchase a chicken sandwich and remove the chicken. Continue by getting a hand job with the buns of the sandwich. Then, release your load onto the buns, place the chicken back on the buns and have the female eat the Chicken Sandwich.

By Adam Hercik
Dude, We went to Wendy's and like, I totally got a chicken sandwich!!
by Adamzombie November 25, 2010
used to replace any word because you're confused
person 1: you know what..fuck you!
person 2: chicken sandwich? o_O
by 32948723948y23t June 27, 2007
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