Some Noises Are Really Funny
Snarf is Snarf
by dictionaryworm November 01, 2011
the act of being sexually aroused by smelling bike seats
I saw Courtney being a dirty snarf at the elementary school.
by ds7855 December 08, 2008
snot+barf=snarf: A violent expulsion of masticated food or liquid via the sinus cavity usually caused by an involuntary reaction from an external stimuli. I.e. laughter, surprise, a sneeze, etc.
I was getting ready to swallow a huge bite of my hot pocket when John exclaimed he had shit himself. Needless to say, I SNARF-ED my hot pocket with such force most of it splashed into my chocolate milk. That which was not expelled from my sinus cavity was firmly lodged behind my eyeball...heh, heh, heh...I can still smell it. It would have been a lot less painful had it been pudding.
by Geetboxrod April 17, 2008
American slang of the 1920's and 30's referring to someone who draws pleasure from sniffing the seats of girls' bicycles.
Bertha wouldn't roll hoops with Calvin as she considered him a snarf of the worst sort.
by May 25, 2005
one who bites at their fart bubbles in the bathtub
nathan is a snarf
by ingeniusbastard May 23, 2011
Snarf is a word used to replace naughty words and verbs.
It can also be used at the end of a sentence.
When there's dead air snarf is a perfect way to break it.
Hey! Snarf you, you mothersnarf!

I need to snarf now

I'm awesome and i snarf everyone, snarf!

.... Snarf
by TajjboMan March 03, 2011
A person or thing in a group that is different or out of the ordinary. One who is funny due to his lack of common sense or ways that he stands out of the crowd. Immaturity, weird clothing, or just not being cool. This can be used as a verb, noun, and adjective.
He's a complete snarf.

He has a really snarfy 3 point shot.
Why are you being so larfy?
Shut the snarf up.
Their team is full of snarfs!
Why are you being so snarfy today?
What a snarf.
Look at that snarf, he's wearing a yellow scarf and pink socks during a basketball game.
by Spencer Blauw February 08, 2011

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