A trendsetter in broadcasting, pioneering AM radio, the wonderful debate tactic of cutting off someone who disagrees, spinning the facts like they're in a dryer, and putting party-line politics over his own credibility, including contradictions, denial, and news items. Now works for ESPN and has his own "kiddie table" during NFL Countdown.
Rush Limbaugh is relentless, judgmental, and straightforward. Unless you're a Republican.
by N September 27, 2003
He's a big fat idiot!

(Many thanks to Minnesota's junior U.S. senator)
If you don't believe it, just look at that hypocritical obese drug addict, and for the "idiot" part check out what Rush Limbaugh wrote in his book, "The Way Things Ought to Be".
by £az£o July 30, 2009
An obese neo-con talk show host who is a Republican stooge. An avid America hater disguised behind his rhetorics, lies, and incoherent diatribes.
A: What does rush limbaugh sound like?

B: blah blah blah EIB network blah blah blah blah drive-by media blah blah blah blah more drive-by media...
by vince4953529 September 10, 2008
1. A boil on the ass of society that won't go away.

2. A sound almost as pleasant as fingernails on the chalkboard, that some people listen to for hours just to relax.
I tried to get my Rush Limbaugh removed, but I keep hearing it on other people's radios. It won't go away no matter what ointment I use.
by alembic42 April 03, 2009
Can't we all just get along? Do we have to be so hateful?
Rush Limbaugh is one of the many hateful people living in America.
by Jesus November 12, 2003
A huge fecal bolus accompanied by voluminous quantities of flatus.
The product which results from a steady diet of right-wing propaganda e.g. I dumped a Rush Limbaugh after listening to the Republican candidates debate.
by pee partier January 07, 2012
Hitting a girl in the mouth and then defecating in it during her surprise
"Dude, I totally Rush Limbaugh'ed Amy last night!"

"Wow... I wonder if she had to have it wired shut"
by Asked Bio Raven September 30, 2012

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