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An awesome place that is underrated in today's society.

Think about it - where else can you chill in an air-conditioned place, that's quiet, where you can read a cool mag or surf the net, where you can take a nap, check out movies, meet some friends for a game of chess or cards, read about whatever you like, get free bookmarks, talk to some fine librarians, walk around aimlessly, find out how glow-in-the-dark works..... and all for free!
Dude 1: "Man, it's hot and humid outside. There's nothing to do in here. Dang I'm bored."

Dude 2: "How about we go to the library?"

Dude 1: "Man that sounds boring."

Dude 2: "Seriously, just try it. I'll show you some cool stuff over there."

Dude 1: "OK... we'll see."

..............1 month later

Dude 1: "Hey man let's go to the library. Come on man get up."

Dude 2: "But we just came back from there 2 hours ago."

Dude 1: "Dude, that's a long time!"
by Adel7 September 10, 2007
The type of education whereby all one's information about world events, politics, and religion comes from Rush Limbaugh's radio show.

Basically, an education that brings another ditto head into being. Usually causes one to be narrow-minded, ill-informed, racist, and bigoted in general.
Rush Limbaugh education:

Caller: "Hey Rush, I'm another ditto head. I've studied under you for 10 years and I feel so empowered against these phony libs."

Rush: "Hey good for you. I am indeed El Rushbo the great magnificent cheese, and I'm proud of Americans like you - real patriots willing to fight those dirty terrorists and bring freedom! Thank you, and now we have a commercial break.... Do you feel safe at home? Well, there's a new system here for fighting all kinds of intruders and it's totally 100% effective. Trust me... blah blah blah..."
by Adel7 January 13, 2008
A restaurant chain in Cali that sells some simple but good burgers and fries. Similar to whataburger in that they use pretty good ingredients.
The name is kinda cheesy, but in-n-out is pretty good if you ask me.
by Adel7 December 04, 2007
Yahoo's relatively new website for asking and answering questions about whatever you like, within some limitations.

This site is actually kind of addictive if you get into it. You have to be careful to distinguish between good and bad answers though, for example by googling or looking at the answerers ratings.

This website has grown a lot since it first started. There are hundreds of subsections, everything from Lebanon to Horoscopes(I still don't get why people are into that stuff), to Computers and Polls.
Sometimes on Yahoo Answers you see really provocative and interesting questions, but you also sometimes see some really boring or childish questions sometimes too. But overall it's an interesting site and you can also search through the millions of already-asked questions.
by Adel7 September 10, 2007
Phrases that are so ambiguous and that can possibly have a sexual meaning.
Some double entendres that have cropped up on news and TV shows:

News anchor: "So the weather today is warm and wet. How are you Lisa, warm and wet as well?"

News guy: "So today in major league basketball...football... I mean baseball, uhh I got my balls screwed up."

Guy on daytime show: "So I've got a hard one for you Jen."

by Adel7 December 04, 2007
The best sport in the universe. It's fast paced, needs skill, can be played alone or with others, and there's a big potential to improve.
Basketball rules - it's an awesome sport that everyone should play.
by Adel7 January 13, 2008
Drew Brees is the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints acquired Drew Brees from the Chargers, who were chicken to resign him because of a previous shoulder injury. Charger's loss - Saints gain... big time.

Brees is like a cool and fresh breeze after the smelly play we had from Aaron Brooks. WHODAT!
Derrick: "You know, I really think the Saints have a great chance to win this year's Super Bowl. Drew Brees is just unstoppable. His passes are really accurate and he makes very good decisions."

Gavin: "Word - Saints all the way, baby!"
by Adel7 August 31, 2007

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