A Rush Limbaugh: is when I wash down a handful of OxyContin with at least three quarts of cough-syrup, and then I hit the gay-club to trip the light fantastic toe - but not until after having lost all of my inhibitions at the track, and my virginity for the second time in the parking lot.
* Hiyo! Hahaha; You are correct sir! *
Sorry about that - Ed McMahon is with me; the guy follows me everywhere.
Be forewarned: you will sleep for an excess of 48 consecutive hours after your first time "Rushing the Baugh," - call me if you need any help or if you just want to say hi; I miss the times we spent together at the gay-club.
Oh man; I'll never Rush Limbaugh again after last night - I won't be able to sit straight for a week.
A Conservative Republican, a Liberal boogieman, demonized as much as possible to help avoid any actual analysis of his political stance.

Aside from monotonous mentionings of his past addiction to pain pills, he is primarily just called names by the rabble.
Rush Limbaugh was addicted to pain pills---his argument is invalid.
by PoliticalThinker May 28, 2010
donating money to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation (puts the kids of fallen heros through college)
I was going to pool all of my money together with my Chinese Communist buddies and make a huge donation to the Hillary Clinton campaign, but in the end I thought it would be best to rush limbaugh it instead.
by bigrighthander020 October 27, 2007
Broadcasting genius and conservative talk-show host who has spawned a cult of dittohead fans, and brought some semblance of political balance back to our Bolshevik mass media. AKA El Rushbo.
Rush Limbaugh has the biggest audience in talk radio. Rush is a comic genius.
by octopod March 24, 2005
Brilliant radio talk show host whose program is listened to by millions daily. A conservative, Limbaugh's talent, intelligence, and wit make him one of the most influential voices in Media today. An alternative to traditional media, Limbaugh regularly points out the folly of liberals and Democrats while pointing out the logic and benefits of Conservatism.
People think they know who Rush Limbaugh is until they actually listen to his program.
by BabyTaylor March 26, 2008
A man who speaks the truth - which is something that all the leftists who wrote derogatory Rush Limbaugh definitions don't want to listen to or discuss intelligently. Instead, their only defense is name calling.
Rush Limbaugh. shows how immoral and power hungry Hillary Clinton is.
by JPJP May 06, 2007
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