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Putting something into an empty space, like a hole.
Take your fucking bullshit back and shove it up your asshole
by Juanvi September 03, 2006
A motion in which one party makes contact with the other in a violent motion that repels the receiving party. Because of its aggressive demeanor, this motion is still classified under the sub-category of "hit". This motion could also be classified as a "push", "repelling-motion-thing", or a "slow-hit".
The girl "shoved" the boy after he joked about her curly bangs.
- or -
"Hey! Stop "slow-hitting" on me!"
by notthatoneguythatyouthinkitis March 02, 2015
A vagina. So named because it is a place where a lot of shoving occurs.
Hey mom, thanks for plopping me out of your shove.

I'm tired of these loose bitches, I want a girl with a nice, tight shove.
by fjorg October 08, 2009
An Amazing extension you can use to send your friends random images when teachers/parents are looking at their screens. This is an easy way to get revenge on someone. This can also be used to get ur friends attention when they are play a game on steam.

Only problem with this extension is that it shows who is shoving the page... Teachers will know it was you... BEWARE!!! nevertheless.. its still fun... sometimes...
Person 2- ohhhh it was you... da teacher was wondering who sent Bob that image, and he whispered it to her... she is looking for you... UR IN TROUBBBLLEE!!!
PErson 1- DANG IT!!! I hate shove!!!!
by BOB SAYS MEOW May 20, 2016
the past tense of the verb "to shave"
I grew tired of my sexy beard, so i shove it.
by shovenmaster222 November 04, 2011
the past tense of shave; the act of shaving in the past
Boss: hey i THOUGHT I TOLD YOU....!!!
Employee: hey hey don't worry, i shove this morning
by Travis Fielder November 12, 2007
Means the same thing as "sure."
Him: You didn't really slap that boy, did you?
Me: I shove did.
by CJS December 05, 2003
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