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Jabba the Hut's right-wing cousin.
Rush Limbaugh: You're just a Hollywood Liberal!

Jabba the Hut: You're just a fat, repulsive, reactionary, thick, racist, homopobic, sexist, elitist, corporatist pig. You are ugly too.
by SomeGuyCalledSomething July 28, 2010
When one gives off the impression off being interesting, artisitic, cosmopolitan, progressive, different and witty but really it is a victory of style over substance. They dress in the highest of indepdendent fashions, they ooze this abstract indepedence and trendiness. They are generally aesthetically-pleasing but as soon as you spark a conversation with one of them you soon realise it is all a facade to cover up the lack of personality, wit, creativity or intelligence. These are the pretentious middle-class imposters who flock to inner-cities because they think they will fit in.
by SomeGuyCalledSomething July 28, 2010
A play on the term 'Tree Huggers'.

On facebook, where two or more people (friends) fill the need to self-consciously have conversations on each others walls so the whole world can see. Its usually in the form of in/personal jokes, banter, boasting or organising an event/outing/social gathering
Guy: Why the hell does Tristian and Hamish feel the need to clog up my news feed with this random conversation that no one wants to see or read! Why can't they use chat or message each other?

Guy 2: They are Wall Huggers.
by SomeGuyCalledSomething May 11, 2011
When one or group live in a perpetual state of anxiety, worry, anger and hate because they feel they are owed something by someone or something.

A Victimist can range from a welfare-taking bum to a pompous, selfish rich asshole to the spoilt middle-class emo. They often vague in their grievances and don't know how to solve themselves. They are unintelligent, idle, lazy but perceive themselves differently. They are easily swept up by biased media outlets e.g. Fox News and other mainstream bullshit like the "Tea Party Movement". They'll happily complain without knowing the facts and they'll tell lies to benefit themselves. They are more emotive than rational.

They feel hard done by society so they choose to sit on the sidelines and complain about it. They are often "pathetic" in the pure sense of the word. "FML" is popular term used by Victimists.They are the type of people who argue in internet chatrooms (Youtube) with other Victimists.

Victimists are related closely with people who complain about "political correctness". They are the ones who start racist facebook groups complaining "about the immigrants taking their jobs" or "the muslims taking over" or "Black people say N***** so why can't I say it!?"

Furthermore, Victimism is a cousin of Individualism in the sense that the motives behind them are for their own personal gain.
Welfare Bum: I can't work because I won't have enough time to watch TV and eat junk food. I'm stressed out enough as it is ok! I have a sore back and find it too too painful to work! Benefits are too low and need to be raised! The government doesn't care about poor people! Cries

Rich Asshole: OMG The government are taking all my money and giving it to dirty, poor people. I don't want to pay for government services for folks poorer than myself, leave me alone! The government wants to turn us into Socialists! Cries

Middle-Class Emo: Life is so hard. I have my parents in my ear about my exams and the girl I have been talking to on Facebook for ages won't respond to me anymore. On top of that, my parents won't let me go travelling for 9 months! FML. Yeah man fuck society! Society sucks! Everyone is a dick. I have it all figured out. Really Loud Cries

Normal, rational person:^ All of those idiots above are perpetuating Victimism.
by SomeGuyCalledSomething August 10, 2010
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