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Gas bag = wind bag, pompous, talkative, bloviator. One who bloviates - constantly talking, often in a longwinded pompous manner. Many of these folks like the sound of their own voice - often unaware of those around them who are often laughing at them behind their backs. These folks are often very vain and conceited - impressed by their own self importance. Many politicans are gas bags, full of empty hot air.

These folks are sometimes referred to as popinjays.
Many politicans are gas bags - long winded pompous people who are usually bloviating over their own self importance.
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
1. Someone given to empty or boastful
2. Talk to someone about nothing in
1. She's just a gasbag.

2. Jane and I are having a gasbag. Jane and I are gasbagging.
by PLM January 20, 2005
Someone who talks utter bullshit, and is known to be a liar or a gossiper.
"Bruv I got 100% on my maths test." "Wow Shafin, you are such a gas bag"
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by Sharkosaurus July 19, 2016
A person who is unpleasant to be around, often a loser or underachiever.
I had to work with that guy once. He's a real gasbag.
by gasdonkey November 04, 2010
1. A special bag made to store and transport gas.

2. Someone who talks a lot or is full of hot air.

3. Someone who farts a lot.
Industries use gas bags to ship and transport gas for easy handling. My co-worker must have a lot of energy to talk a lot. My friend is full of gas cause he farts a lot.
by JayEssBee85 December 19, 2013
A person whose flatulents are often and smelly. Especially in public.
That girl won't stop farting, she's such a gasbag.
by georgiapeach123 April 18, 2011
Don't worry, they're harmless.
What the hell are those?!

Gasbags. Don't worry, they're harmless



by Wynaught of Duval May 28, 2009
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