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garment that covers the midsection of a woman, very similar to a bathing suit. Often worn with tights. Used for dancing and exercise
"Stacy wore her leotard and tights to aerobics class"
by US Navy April 01, 2003
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A person with the irrational belief that Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor.
"That Leotard thinks DiCaprio is the new Robert De Niro".
by SVEN SVENSSON May 07, 2014
a retard who wears only leopard skins.
you ever watch tarzan, what a leotard.
by rayza_069 March 09, 2010
A Leotard is a cop that is retarded or generally just a dumb ass. Comes from the LEO which is short for law enforcement officer and tard as in retard.
I got pulled last night by this cop but turned out to be a leotard and so I just kicked him in the balls and just drove away and he didn't chase me either. Probably because his fat ass was too retarded to get back in his car.
by saharadryhumor January 23, 2015
A retarded dude named Leo.
Leo, take off the football helmet, put your pants back on, stop trying to hump the throw pillows, and quit acting like a Leotard.
by Leo's Friend March 16, 2005

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