when you're Hustlin' (selling illegal stuff) or tagging, and you here the cops, you do a runner.
If you're wondering, it's similar to the definition "leg it".
"I was hustlin' on tha corner, wen dem cops sirens rang, so then i did a runner!"
by matty 4 u 2nv November 11, 2008
someone who's about to experience a loose fecal event; a Hershey squirt.
"watch out we've got a runner! I hope it's not a rim shot"

by ShadiR December 13, 2008
Runner is some kind of a kink in women's tights.
Oh, honey! I've got a runner in my pantyhose!
by Being renovated December 09, 2008
Plays HNS for 2 months straight. Often is heard yelling "DEFAULT!" at people because they feel they won even though it could be as simple as ordering a pizza over the phone.

Man, you sound like a runner.
by Bill Clinton April 09, 2003
A girl who has or has had sex with some or all members of an organization (a football team, fraternity, etc.)
Mike: That girl Eva ho.
Dan: How u know?
Mike: She's had sex wit a bunch of Kappa's. They call her
the Kappa Runner.
by Ya Know who it be May 05, 2006
An important part of the fine dining industry. Also known as a Club Activities Coordinator, a Runner is a hard-working, determined, and loyal employee of any restaurant.
Isn't that runner such an important part of a restaurant's survival? Yes it is.
by Chrispy1991 July 10, 2008
A person of legal age who buys alcohol for those of non-legal age.
Hey, we're almost out of beer...someone better find us a runner!
by foxy23 October 27, 2003
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