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someone who is over the legal drinking and/or smoking age, who makes alcohol or cigarette runs for kids. (buys age-restricted substances for minors)
joey: hey you got the vodka?
mark: yea my runner went to the liquor store for me yesterday
joey: awesome!
by concavity December 20, 2009
5 7
when you've been drinking more than the usual amount for a few days. Not as much as a "bender" where you are drinking a lot more than usual - almost always to point of getting really drunk.
John's been on a runner since he got back into town. Let me know if it turns into a bender.
by actup99 October 20, 2010
1 4
A woman that likes to have sexual interactions with multiple persons. A woman that gets around.
Be careful messing around with that chick, she may have something. She is a runner.
by Boogie87 February 14, 2009
11 16
A runner is a female willing to bust down everybody. Could be everyone at the party or two home boys. She do whateva not just some head...
Joe, Craig, Shawn, Tim, Rob and Harold had them a runner after the party.
by Brandy B May 06, 2007
28 34
Verb. Someone who takes a taxi somewhere, exits the vehicle and runs off into the night without paying the fare.
Passenger: Yeah, let me my wallet out.
Taxi Driver: OK
Passenger steps out of vehicle.
Taxi Driver: That'll be 11.50
Passenger: Fuck you
Passenger does a "runner" (runs off into the night to avoid paying his fare).
by Bptuner January 09, 2007
6 12
In Texas hold'em poker, this means a card that was drawn to help someone's hand. It is generally used in conjunction with the hand the person improved to. For example, if someone hits two cards to make a flush (i.e. improves on the turn and river), then the person is said to hit runner, runner flush.
"If i can hit runner, runner on my ace, i might double up."
by fat dan the pirate man December 07, 2006
11 17
a female who either cheats all the time on her man. or just runs around with a bunch of different men.
John:Hey man you gotta keeps tabs on your girl i seen her hugged up with some guy earlier


John:ya i wouldnt trust her she prolly a runner
by 19 7 4 March 09, 2009
2 10