The member of a group that goes out to get needed supplies, i.e. alchohol, food, ice, condoms, cigarettes, etc.

This person's effort acts as a deduction against share tax, and he/she is usually the initiator of insies.
Mary: We're outta smokes and beer. I've only got $5 but I'll be runner if anyone wants insies.
Everyone: Okay
Mary: I need your share tax.
Joe: Here's another $10.
Jim: I'll give another $10
Jane: I'm giving $20 to cover the rest of Mary's share 'cause she's the runner.
by scifivxn January 18, 2006
The part of a joint that burns faster than other parts causing the J to become a roach faster; usually occurs when people don't roll property
I always have to tell weed n00bs to fix the damn runner.
by friedman May 21, 2003
a woman that will have sex with multiple partners simoltaniously.
Me and the Folks had a runnner the other day, she gave all of us good love.
by bilhed G October 12, 2003
a person who runs to their dealer's house to purchase illegal drugs for someone else
could u do me a favor and be a runner, and get me some weed
by Sk8ordie May 16, 2003
Typically found on college campuses. A runner is an individual who spontaneously takes of in a wild gallop for no apparent reason. This individual can most commonly be seen in the late hours of the evening when few people are outside.
I was walking with my girlfriend last night and a runner came down the sidewalk. After stopping in the middle of the walk, she proceeded to round the corner and fall.
by A Concerned Streak October 11, 2004
A term for the kids who run threw the halls of high school to get from class to class. It was made popular by the site
I saw a runner the other day, so I tripped him and took his money.
by Cornsauce June 28, 2005
a person who leaves a group, gang, class that is not allowed to. person usually doesn't like position he/she is in and wants out. person who leaves a gang and is chased after to be shot/killed because of what they have done. trader. a person who doesnt believe in the theory of "renewal" in the movie Logan's Run and runs from Sandmen in search sanctuary.
Jimmy became a runner after leaving the west side for the east side, they soon found him and he isn't alive anymore.
by Mick March 20, 2005

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