a person who operates a dial-a-dope operation making deliveries to drug users in his car after recieving phone calls arranging a meeting spot from them
did you hear about joe? he's a runner now
by annnnonyoussssss April 10, 2009
The most hard working group of people you will ever meet. Different from a jogger who is just a person either
a) trying to get fit and failing
b) trying to look cool/hot
c) not trying at all
Runners work incredibly hard, they are always training and are the toughest people you will ever meet. I mean come on, who else could finish a 10k x-country meet with a broken arm or become English national schoolgirl champion with a sprained ankle? They are also amazingly kind, sweet understanding, and compassionate because they understand what it is like to be in pain or be disappointed. A true runner is a good sportsman/woman, they do not boast or brag they just help others and be happy for those who beat them. Any competitiveness that they have is just to make their family, friends and coach proud, it is not for themselves. They are also extremely intelligent and have the strongest minds. A runner is a beautiful person inside and out.
populargirl: oh my gosh look at me im so hot because im a runner

runner: yes you are.

runner is compassionate and kind even though they know that the popular girl is just showing off they wont hurt her or boast.
by gigigigigi April 11, 2012
The act of running from a taxi without paying the fare. Also, the act of cheating a (presumably) honest, hard working man out of money by neglecting to pay for the service he has provided you by fleeing.
"I dont have enough money to pay the fare from here to home. I think we should do a runner on this taxi"
by Jaace11 December 04, 2007
When you flush the toilet after taking a shit and a small turd is left behind
I lifted up the toilet seat to see a runner. Thats nasty flush twice dawg
by fuckwitmejoe September 16, 2012
A group of people that don't believe in authority, that believe that everyone is created equal, if you disrespect them, you lose all respect thy had for you, plus they will vandalize. Runners consist of boys & girls, gays, straights, lesbians & bisexuals, they believe everyone is created equal, and everyone deserves respect, until they're respect is taken. They don't judge people by looks, but by their personality .
Runners tore up my house .
by A Runner August 12, 2012
A free runner who is a member of a Urban Ninja Clan
Fred: I just got jumped by five runners.

Jerry: Damn that sucks. Did they come from the shadows?

Fred: Yeah it sucked.
by Shade the Night Hawk December 23, 2009
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