1) noun: Used extensively on the LIFFE floor to describe the junior employees who did the menial jobs. Often derogatory. Qualifications for female runners were few, and centred around expected giving out of sexual favours.
I can't be arsed to get my lunch, where's a runner?
by Big Simes January 22, 2003
a person, usually a women, who is homely or unattractive and takes up running so that they will have a tight body to compensate for their facial short comings.
When I saw her from afar I thought she was hot but once I got close I realized she's a runner.
by m m m November 27, 2006
An orbital frame pilot
"The applicable frame runner is already dead"
by The_Taxidermist June 23, 2005
A Runner is a guy that will lie about being married, go home with anyone and sleep with him/her, then go back to his wife because he feels "guilty... that she will find out". A runner is a guy that will never be satisfied in any relationship, in any job, with any dinner or drink, and uses his family's successes to look smart. A runner seems charismatic at first, but very soon he seems shallow, and pretty fake.
Friend 1: I met a guy last night who seems really cool, but I just saw him at a store and he completely ignores me.
Friend 2: You should forget him. That guy is nothing but a runner. He's with his wife, and doesn't want her to know. He's going to run from her too.
by f-r-a-n-n-ie August 29, 2015
Being on a bender of speed, coke or meth where you usually keep it going, don't sleep of eat for at least 3 week
"Damn man! You look terrible"
"Yeah me and homeboy went on a month long runner and I'm just coming off it"
by YerOlDad August 18, 2015

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