Is a girl that is passed around by a group of guys.
Dude let me hit that roach.
by texas569 November 20, 2010
Extremely cool in stature, and or being one of high social status.
Dude, he is so fucking roach... or... that is so roach man.
by TheJakes February 25, 2009
A person with low social status that is geeky or undesirable. Often characterized by poor taste in clothes, not very good looking. A type of loser who never succeeds.
*Oh my god, did you see that guy get shot down by that chick last night? He was a big time roach!*
by El Greb May 23, 2008
to get roach simply means to get dumped or for someone to break up wuth you
"haha!you get roach" or "my boyfriend roach me"
by NikkiJ January 14, 2008
Roach - a commonly used words amongst london youths for banterous enjoyment
eg -
PERSON 1 roach
by CORPORAL ROACH June 07, 2012
A very creepy guy. The kind of sleazy, dirty guy who is probably a druggie, likely has a criminal record, and shamelessly hits on anything with a vagina in the rudest way possible.
Creeper: Hey! You girls are looking fine. I could take all three of you in bed.
You: Ew, what a roach.
by IAmGlenCoco February 26, 2010
Reflexes Of A CHeetah

Often shouted when someone makes a catch or some other stunt that requires quick reflexes
(John catches a fly) That was so ROACH man!
by roachissimo1 July 01, 2009

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