A roach is simply anyone who shares the same characteristics as a bum. A roach technically is not a bum but anywho who degrades themselves to the status level as a bum.
"Corey did you really just eat that taco off the toilet seat? You're such a roach."
by MauriMars January 23, 2014
a guy or girl who is just an overprotective scumbag when it comes to dating. It doesn't have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend. It could simply be someone who is arrogant, a jerk, a scumbag, or someone who has no regard to one's friendship/relationship
Boy: let's get coffee sometime, you are awesome to be with!!

Girl: uh.. I don;t know.. my boyfriend wouldn't like that

Boy: so over-protective!!!

Girl: yea

Boy: don't let that fucking roach tell you what to do!!!

Girl: don't worry... will do so
by citylifeloving August 16, 2012
Someone who is incredibly busted in the appearance department. They try so hard to look good but it just isnt working for them. Can also apply to skanks and sluts.
Ex. "Hey look at that whore over there." "Yeah, she's a total roach."
by S.L.S. February 10, 2012
To barelly scrape by, can be used in any situation. Can be used in the form of "Roached" or "Roaching" Derived from the word Cockroach, (insect) infering that cockroaches never die. Originated with a group of young boys playing "guitar hero", if the meter is blinking red and you are about to fail the song but you hit just enough notes to pass, you are "roaching" As in anything else in life, if you are "just passing" then you are roaching. If refering to past tense, it is pronounced "Roached" as in, "that guy Roached into the finals"
(While playing xbox)- "Dude you got shot like five times how are you alive?" "I dont know how dude, im Roaching"
by Yedwager101 June 13, 2011
An activity (roaching) or person associated with the maximum level of inactivity possible. Sweatpants, couches, and weed are usually involved. Hangovers tends to instigate situations of "roaching".
John isn't coming out tonight because he's roaching
by roachmastah June 04, 2011
Roach pronounced (rōch)- A dirty looking female. Most often bred in strip clubs or bars on the south shore on Long Island, New York. You can often spot them by looking for the following characteristics:

Dirty Pedicures
Long nails with designs
Flat footware (ie flip flops or sandals)
Thin bleach blonde hair
Tattoo on lower back
Drinking alcoholic beverages out of the bottle
Orange color skin complextion
wow that girl last night was a real roach
by ajm2009 September 25, 2010
That looks miserable, dirty , tired , not in good shape , not looking well
forget about me today,i had a hell of a night , i'm roach
by Nizzzzzzick September 03, 2010

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