a term to describe your shit covered penis after having butt sex.
After my girlfriend and I had sex yesterday she said, "Dayum! That's a big ass roach!'
by Mandon Aarline November 01, 2009
a mexican that lives in the u.s illegaly and ran across the rio grande.
Alyssa and all her roach family need to pack their shit and go back to mexico
by Nandy143 February 11, 2008
A congregate of African-Americans.
There were so many roaches during happy hour at Sonic that I couldn't get my order in!
by The_Exterminator September 10, 2009
to take someone's girlfriend, or have someone ask a girl out before you get the chance.

Slang from the Bahamas
I can't believe Tom roached me.
Tom pulled a roach on me
by DRaYphLy December 06, 2007
To hit someone so hard that he lands flat on his back with his arms and legs curled up. This refers to the way a dead roach looks; if you can picture that, you know what a person looks like who's been "roached."
Man, Martin totally roached that linebacker two plays ago. That dude didn't get up for two minutes.
by Craig56 May 04, 2007
in our school everyone goes ur a roach which basically means ur done!
woah you didnt get head your a roach
by URMOM69 May 02, 2007
Nigga, Homie.
instead of sayin hey james ! you be like:
Aye Roach!
by ARAy tHANg! January 17, 2009

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