The end of a joint, usually made from cardboard. The cardboard usually comes from the green card that is used to support the packets of cigarette papers, the packet itself or whatever club flyer happens to be handy. It derives its name from the derogatory term used for the grunts of the mexican army, "La Cucaracha" which means "the cockraoches", because, as part of their payment they eached received quantities of mariijana.

La cucaracha, la cucaracha
Ya no puede caminar
Porque no tiene, porque le falta
Marijuana que fumar.

(The cockroach, the cockroach
Now he can't go traveling
Because he doesn't have, because he lacks
Marijuana to smoke.)
you fuck, all you've left me with is the roach. i shall beat you upside the head to avenge this wrong.
by Kenny Evil July 12, 2006
The butt of a joint, NOT named after a cockroach.
"The marijuana addict refers to the reefer butt as a 'roach'...because it resembles a cockroach."

"What the fuck are these people talking about?! You gotta be crazy on acid to think a joint looks like a goddamn cockroach."
by joesmithey April 21, 2012
Someone who goes through great lengths, and conceives clever and sometimes very unusual strategies to steal, or defraud goods from unsuspecting and somewhat naive people, all while painstakingly attempting to remaining safely under the radar.
I ordered a set of 7.1 Logitech speakers last week, from some guy on eBay. It's now Friday!! Where are my speakers!? The damn roach ran off with my money!!
by Brucee Wayne March 11, 2012
The ends worth of a blunt never dying cockroach because no matter how much you hit it, it dont not neva die. DIE!
"Today, we hit that roach and this definition showed up."
"Wow, Tallerawesome!"
by North Long Beach Nips October 21, 2009
n. Car Sales: The most vile form of sub-human rubbish; ever to defile a dealership show room. They often arrive in beat up, stinky, trade-in's that smells like dirty diapers and animal urine. Always brings along their unruly, filthy, offspring when attempting to purchase a vehicle. Cannot purchase because the credit is horrific, and never have money down. A complete waste of time!
Man, I cannot beleive I got stuck with another Roach today. I getting tired of these people who cannot buy cars!
by danth666 September 22, 2009
A dirty person. Someone who smells bad,and likes to be shirtless in public this person comes from slums/ projects. Basically a dirty wannabe thug.

Most think they're funny
Shut the fuck up you roach

My nigga u shut up stupid
by tzlawoops May 29, 2014
A disgusting male/female/other that never bathes and is really ugly.
Did you see codee and ananda? They are roaches!
by unknownlolyouroach March 29, 2014

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