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7 definitions by citylifeloving

a stunningly gorgeous woman hailing from the Southern California area. They can be "surf girls" as well.
Major examples of SoCal girls include Zooey Deschanel, Lauren Conrad, Alyssa Miller, Alex Morgan, Whitney Port, etc.
by citylifeloving February 14, 2013
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Homophobic, anti-semitic, close minded and theocratic sicko who is currently the President of Iran. He and the Supreme Leader are sickoes who have a abnormal desire to create a one world theocracy!!
Iran is a theocracy, since the Islamic Revolution began. Tehran criminalized LGBT, alcohol and anything western. Get caught doing something "western", 80% chance that you are automatically sentenced to death. As Mahmoud Ahmadinejad went into power, things can only get worse!!
by citylifeloving December 23, 2011
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"This is a song that doesn't end.... This is a song that doesn't end" DEFINITELY this 1980s-1990s children's educational show beats everybody else. An epic children's ed-tv show that makes sesame street and barney look like nothing..... This show was made by a ventriloquist whom voiced the lamb chop character(a plush little lamb) other characters that i remember in this show were a rabbit and a dog....
this is a song that doesn't end.... this is a song that doesn't end..... anyone who grew up watching lamb chop as a little child is so blessed.
by citylifeloving May 03, 2013
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also known as Pizza Hut.. the meat toppings may cause a laxative effect and the famous pan pizza is nothing but a mass grease pit made from 100% frozen dough.
My brother ordered grease-a-butt pan pizza last night and the sausage is giving me the trots.
by citylifeloving January 05, 2013
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a guy or girl who is just an overprotective scumbag when it comes to dating. It doesn't have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend. It could simply be someone who is arrogant, a jerk, a scumbag, or someone who has no regard to one's friendship/relationship
Boy: let's get coffee sometime, you are awesome to be with!!

Girl: uh.. I don;t know.. my boyfriend wouldn't like that

Boy: so over-protective!!!

Girl: yea

Boy: don't let that fucking roach tell you what to do!!!

Girl: don't worry... will do so
by citylifeloving August 16, 2012
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a synonym for boner, stiffy or woody,etc.
Girl: nice boink!
Guy: (Blushes and looks down his pants.
by citylifeloving March 01, 2012
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Someone who tells Washington that they want laws and other things just to benefit themselves. The following are required to be defined as slobs.

- A Progressive or Right Winger that is a....
2. Hollywood star or Pro Athlete or a key figure for Big Oil, Big Pharma.

3. High-income, tax dodging by purposely donating mass amounts to charity rather than giving by heart.

Combine all four into a lobbying festival and you got yourselves a slob!

The slobs can also be nepotistic.....

5. A labor union that serves the rich and not the middle class.

6. A media conglomerate that does not invest in youthful talent
ExxonMobil posted a 80 billion dollar profit, they paid zip taxes this quarter. What slobs.
by citylifeloving January 09, 2012
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